You Do Not Become Rich Because Of Your Environment

I was thinking about some of the comments that people made regarding how if people are born poor/int a certain place then they may never well be rich without getting into a flame war.

I was trying to figure out how to best explain it but I realize it’s very much judgmental as if saying ALL people from developing nations are poor, when in fact there are very rich people in all places of the world.

Not everyone in America is rich even if comparatively we are the richest nation in the world.

I came from a poorer nation to a richer nation that is now indebted to said poorer nation.

I think that if we just always believe that the best environments will always produce the best people..then why do we see people who are begging alongside the same city where there are billionaires?

Yes I am very well aware of the fact that there are institutions that are broken or whatever.

But you tell me that a poor person is going to prefer you hanging out with them talking about social injustice rather than just giving them money–I would say that you’re a bit out of touch.

I attended one of the most liberal schools in the world and I attended Robert Reich’s class about Wealth and Poverty and he was the Secretary of Labor from Clinton’s administration, in other words, I was as hippy and liberal as you can get.

But now I truly believe that if you are going to just pity the poor and not actually help them learn business then you are harming them.

Just talking about it helps the surface but if you really want to help the poor you give them money.

Mother Teresa said, it takes a checkbook to change the world.

When I stopped seeing myself as just an immigrant or just a female I realized that I had tremendous power to change my life and the lives of those around me.

I get that you want to have compassion for the poor but isn’t it better served if YOU become rich and are able to help them?

The homeless don’t need you to sing kumbaya with them.

They need you to show them that there’s not just this hopelessness around them and you can absolutely change your life if you want to.

I realize that most of the time when I was in Berkeley I was somehow railing against the rich people for no other fact than that they were rich.

They were smarter when it comes to money.

And I hated them really out of jealousy.

As a college student it’s pretty easy to when you’re broke.

I believe that anybody from anywhere can rise above and beyond and I think it’s actually quite discouraging for people to wallow in their past and think woe how poor is me.

Wherever you are, there are opportunities to grow.

If you hate where you are then you can move.

If you cannot move, you can change yourself.

I do not believe that you are doomed to poverty forever just because of your location or your upbringing.

To encourage people to just stay and be where they are is just irresponsible.

I don’t blame the person for their upbringing.

But also don’t make it their entire identity, when they are desperately trying to claw out of it and create a rich life.

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