Writing Future Letters to Yourself & 3 Months Ago

Today I received a Future.Me letter from myself 3 months ago right after my trip to Germany, and it is amazing how much things can change in a short amount of time when you decide to shorten your timeline for completing things.

Today I just booked a ticket to Madrid to see one of my heroes in July and now it’s gone from very frightened excitement booking international trips where I know nobody, to this being normal.

I do think that sometimes we do need to be pushed into see that the things we’re scared/excited about is not that difficult and that when we do it often enough, it becomes normal.

Just even a year ago I would have thought this trip would have been impossible, I had imposed all sorts of limit on myself, pay off my debt first, maybe learn the language first, etc..

But of course the trip made me realize how much more expansive my business could be. Literally I wanted to just get away from my business for about a week and then at the hostel I met a girl who wanted to apply to work for Uber in San Francisco and of course I went into coaching mode for her resume.

And I started to realize that I could have FUN doing what I wanted to do..because, well, I know that I want to work with somebody who is having fun in business too and I know that webinars can be funny, emails can be enjoyable to read and you can run your life the way that you want it to be!

Because all we’re after is really a feeling, and if we can generate that feeling first, and we work as hard towards our dreams as we do our errands, can you imagine how much more amazing we could be?

A few years ago I thought it was irresponsible to put my own needs first above what I needed to do (get a good job, help out the family, etc), but today I realize that it’s irresponsible to NOT make your own dreams happen.

Because when you become rich yourself only then can you start helping others.

And more than just the physical manfestation of the money, it’s becoming the type of person who sees a problem and goes to find all sorts of ways to solve it, whether for herself or someone else.

And the more that you can put yourself in the environment, whether it’s internal or external, the faster than you can change.

And we are here to evolve into the highest versions of ourselves.

And you must put yourself first before anything else can happen.

It’s selfish, and that’s how we’re supposed to be.

And had I not put my Europe trip first I would have probably still been wondering how I can motivate myself to the next income level.

And I’m so happy that almost every time I have a big trip coming up, Vegas, Germany, or Madrid, I ALWAYS somehow manifest the desire to make it happen, no matter how crazily just in time it can be (need to work on the stabile relationship with money part here, but I digress)

The main point here is to say YES to your desires and say YES. Because there will be a time where it’ll not be possible to make that happen.

YOLO, Carpe Diem, whatever it is, your life is right now.

Choose now.



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