Why Would You Want to Be Yourself?

If being yourself so far has produced a mediocre life.
If being yourself has given you lackluster results
If being yourself has not improved your life in any way.

How about if you just changed how you defined yourself?

One of the most important books I read in my life was Leil Lowndes’ book on overcoming shyness–and one of the biggest lessons she shared was that you need to not only STOP calling yourself shy but also stop your family members and friends from ever calling you that again.

Because we live up to what it is that we believe is our identity.

So if so far you’ve been saying that you’re not good at networking, you’re not good at sales, or not good at relationships or not good at working out, guess what result you will get?

And the hilarious thing is that since your output is what you put in, all you need to do is change how you define yourself.

What if you replaced the following, from…

I am shy, to I am in the process of learning how to be outgoing
I am bad with men, to I am in the process of learning how to become a high value woman who attracts masculine men
from I am broke, to I am in the process of learning how to be a debt free millionaire

There are literally so many examples that the world is endless for you, but you have to be the decision maker and put a stake in the ground when time comes to change.

Because if we don’t change, then we would still be wearing diapers asking our parents to feed us.

(which coincidentally some people are still metaphorically in this stage, blaming their circumstances around them instead of taking a good hard look at themselves to see how possible it is to change their conditions)

I think being yourself is overrated because we always take in bits and pieces of the world and make it our own, and we have the CHOICE of what we want ourselves to be.

Just because somebody told you you were something 10 years ago doesn’t mean that you have to live up to it now.

Your life is a real life RPG.

Make yourself the hero.



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