What I Did at 7 is What I Do at 27

7 years old and 27 years old: SAME OL’ THANG

From 1996-1999 I religiously read a bi-weekly Chinese magazine roughly called “Stories Collections”.

Every other week when it dropped I would literally bug my grandparents to no end until I got it.

I was so happy reading the lame jokes and stories and it’s one of the reasons why I was able to read so fast-passion, and interest.

It occured to me today that I literally do the same thing still, 20 years later.

I teach my clients how to tell stories to people who can hire them, to their potential clients, but most importantly, themselves.

Isn’t it hilarious that we go through all the training and then we end up doing the same thing we do as children?

It’s amazing to me how a few hours can transform someone who literally told me “I don’t feel confident, I’m lost, I’m confused..”

To someone who is so proud of their stories that you immediately notice the change in their energy, their voices are booming, they’re quicker to laugh, and of course, when a few weeks later you realize they were hired you are happy but not surprised.

We all tell stories to ourselves.

Whether it’s easy for us to make money
or easy for us to get sick

Whether it’s easy for us to attract the opposite sex
or that we have no discipline

You’ll be amazed at how malleable you are and you will be pretty amazed at how you will begin to adapt.

My story from a couple of years ago was that I didn’t understand how to make money.

I decided I was sick of that, I was tired of this and I wanted something new.

About a few months into intensively doing money work, my income leap frogged.

I notice that every time I decide to go to the next level, I inevitably catch up to my new standards.

Because there is no other way.

Because I am not available for any other way.

Because I am only available for massive success.

Because I decided I was DONE with the old story.

Yes, some parts of my story are cheesy and dumb but the biggest change that has happened to my life was deciding to sacrifice the old stories that no longer worked for me for something much better.

I traded the shy girl for a girl who would be able to deliver TEDx speeches.

I traded in the one who couldn’t make friends for one who would connect all successful immigrant CEOs into an amazing show.

I traded in resigning to relationship failure to actively seeking out mentors who both had the success I wanted in business and in relationships.

I will trade in many more stories for even better ones as long as I am on the planet, and I want you to know as well

You can change your story.

You can change your life.

You can do anything that you want to

But you have to realize that you are the author of your story.

Editing is not cheating, editing is being responsible to your reader.

And the thing is this is the one time where you will be not only writing, editing, but also reading.

Will your story be the one that you are proud of reading?



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