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Tuesday, Aug 15

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This Free Webinar Will Help You Land a Job in the US:

3 Mistakes that Immigrants Make on the Job Search

Li will explain why your inbox is full of rejection letters

why you think you did very well on the interview only to never hear back from recruiters again,

 and what to do instead to get more job offers than you can handle !

Interview Secrets That Americans Know 

It's not that they don't want to tell you, it's at they don't even understand immigrants come from completely different cultures when it comes to talking about rourself. 

Subtle cultural differences can make or break your career.  

Learn these differences before you sabotage your own chances at getting a high paying job!

How to Build an Army of People Who Want to Hire & Refer You

You probably came to the US without any family or friends, and the friend you have are in the same situation as you--job hunting. 

In this webinar, I will teach you how to grow a network of people who will hire and refer you enthusiastically FAST, without going to a million networking events where all you get is a stack of business cards you never look at again!

Meet Your Host, Li Lin 

Over the past 3 years, Li Lin has helped over 200+ immigrant professionals and international students with landing H-1B and OPT jobs.

She is the #1 coach for successful immigrants in the US and has been featured as a TEDx speaker, author, and a 6 figure business coach. 

Li came to the US in 2000 from Shanghai, China. She is a graduate of UC Berkeley and has worked as a business analyst for online marketing consultancies in the San Francisco before launching her own business, The Successful Immigrant, LLC.

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If you've ever said to yourself:

If I don't land a job in the US, what do I have to show for myself for years and years of studying here?

If you're tired of your parents, partners, friends, or yourself constantly asking WHEN WILL YOU FIND A JOB?

If you're worried about current immigration legislation that will make it even more difficult stay in the US

If you knew you came to the US because you knew it was your destiny to become rich and be the one in your family who finally made it, this webinar is for you, click below to join: