Tradition is Not Here to Trap You, It’s Here to Transform You

Tradition is not here to TRAP You, It’s to Transform You

When you truly understand how to use EVERYTHING, including your heritage, to your advantage, that is when things changed for me.

Instead of thinking of growing up with a father has something bad, I started seeing it as freeing and liberating to find my own mentors who have way exceeded anything my family has ever done.

Instead of seeing being an introvert as something to be ashamed about, I used it to focus on things that I was great at like writing while simultaneously improving my phone sales skills, which is responsible for my business today.

Instead of seeing my niche as weird or taking advantage of people who were new to the country, I went forward with my weird dream today and thanks to that persistence, about 200+ people have been able to learn how to interview, get jobs, get into their dream universities and start their businesses

Instead of thinking I was too young, I decided to go for it anyway, and thank god for being young I was able to use technology and social media to move forward

Instead of thinking about people who call me names I decided instead to redirect “outrage” into more productive energy of profiting off of whatever is thrown at me

Instead of buying into the cultural feeling of being inferior simply because of my gender, over the last few months I have gotten so much MORE simply BECAUSE I was a woman and used it to my advantage

Instead of seeing being Chinese as being second class in the US, I decided to embrace it, and many of my clients embraced it to, literally telling me they hired me not because of anything I did but just who. I . was.

how cool is that?

I truly believe that everyone from every ethnicity has something to be proud of.

Every race of people have achievements they should be proud of

But if we fall into the pithole of woe is me, how oppressed I am, instead of seeing how actually FREE YOU ARE ALREADY…then it’s going to be harder to see your heritage as an advantage

There are some things that we need to kick to the curb

But I believe if we truly learn how to use things to our advantage, life can be much easier for us.

Imagine if Casanova complained about how emotional women were instead of using it to benefit himself

Imagine how different our entertainment industry would be if Kim Kardashian didn’t embrace her sex tape

Imagine how different our lives would be if Zuckerberg didn’t use his desire to rate hot or not co-eds during college and didn’t create Facebook

Imagine how different America would be if we didn’t embrace paying less taxes and being rebellious

Imagine that.

So instead of seeing something inherent IN YOU as something that you have to fight against, why not work with it?