The World is Your Oyster, It Will Irritate the Hell Out of You

The question is, will you let the irritant that enters you become your pearl?

It’s fascinating to me how something very similar can happen to 2 different people and they can produce entirely different results.

For one person, something that annoys them becomes something that annoys them forever

For another, the thing that annoys the hell out of them will of course, at first be an annoyance.

But then they start to obsess about this–is it really the way that I want to live my life?

And not only do they eventually end up solving the problem itself, they begin to solve it for other people also.

For me, my CONSTANT irritant growing up was that I was different, that I looked and sounded not quite right, wasn’t born in the right country and was just never cool no matter how hard I tried.

While I could not control what clothes I wore or what I looked like, I promised myself that the things that I could have control over? I was going to give 100%.

I promised myself I would never have an accent.

I promised myself I would become amazing at English.

I promised myself I would get into the best college I could.

I worked harder than anyone else and I got to where I wanted to be.

And eventually I started wondering why the hell people who were born in the US were not in honors English classes but I only learned English a few years ago and was studying in higher levels.

That’s when it clicked for me.

It doesn’t matter where you come from.

It matters your direction and your convinction in how far you wanted to go.

My irritatant became my pearl when I started teaching TOEFL as one of my first business ideas.

And my irritant of being bad at finding jobs 5 years ago became my business pearl, The Successful Immigrant LLC, which has helped over 200 of my clients with H-1B and OPT jobs over the past 3 years.

So my question for you is, will you let your irritant annoy you forever, or become your pearl?



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