The Seed You Plant Grows

Every day, you choose the clothes that you want to wear.
Every day, you pick the food that you put in your mouth.
Every day, you also choose the seeds you plant into your brain.

You absolutely control the information that you receive into the world, even though the world wants to tell you otherwise.

If you consistently tell yourself that you accomplish every goal that you set out to do as best as you can, guess what’s going to happen?

If you consistently tell yourself that you are going to connect with people who have a similar world mission as you, guess what’s going to manifest?

Basic life principles are simple, the hard part is doing it every single day, multiple times a day, maybe sometimes without any results but you just do it because that’s just the type of person you are.

In the beginning, it is about what you do.

What you put out into the world, whether you’re selling yourself, a product, or a service, you are doing new things and you’re learning around it.

And then eventually it becomes part of who you are, it’s your identity.

I used to journal infrequently and even though I started young at age 8 with a diary, I would try to start it on January 1st or near the beginning of the month because I wanted to have a fresh start

But then I realized that every single day, every single hour, every single minute and second you can start brand new.

And the funny thing is that whatever I wrote down came true.

And it’s become a habit for me to show up in the world and share my message.

Because I can’t NOT.

How could I not when it’s ingrained now in me to share the stories of being somebody who can be successful no matter where they begin from?

How could I NOT share the fact that I see so many clients who work with me succeed beyond their wildest dreams and are able to confdiently talk about themselves and get hired?

How could I NOT share with the world about what I learned and deprive other people of what I can help them make happen?

Last night I did a Youtube live on my story of how I came to the US, worked, and started a business, and there were people who learned a lot just simply about me being me.

Had I not gone out there and shared, they would have have been able to know about what was possible, at least from my perspective.

As much as I respect the culture I came from for teaching me how to work hard and have discipline and how to be practical, there is something to be said about self promotion and selling yourself–oh, I mean EVERYTHING.

When you set your mind to become a person who is wealthy, no matter what happens temporarily to your bank account you are always able to bounce back, because that’s just the freaking person you are!

I put out a lot of offers and some times things don’t work out, I’m not devastated like I would be in the past but I just realize that that is part of the game, and the winners get back up the fastest.

Same thing with you..what are the seeds that you’re planting in your head?

Are you planting a seed of “yes I can make it happen”?

Or are you planting seeds of doubt and uncertainty because that’s what you “see”?

I’ve always been a dreamer and recently I’m reminded again how important it is for us to hold the faith when nobody else may see it yet or if it hasn’t existed.

Before a car was a car, somebody was crazy enough to dream it up that it was possible to have a horseless carriage

Before an iPhone was an iPhone, somebody had to think of the concept and create it

ANYTHING that you see that is manmade went through that process

And you have to be selective about what it is that you put into your BRAIN most of all.

If you’re listening to people who are successful and you implement what it is that they do and you BECOME that type of person, then success will be automatic for you.

And you must be vigilant with people who say that it’s NOT possible.

You must be vigilant with people who have never even attempted to make their own dreams happen and you must make sure to protect your brain from people who are naysayers and people who talk a lot but don’t do shit.

I want you to know that the seed you plant in your head is something that needs to be watered daily.

Not only because you want to see the result, but because that’s what a good gardener does.

Be the best gardener you can be to your own brain and know that the best gardeners will produce the best gardens period.

same with wealth creation.

same with creating the body that you want.

same with creating the realtionship you want.

You must plant in your head what it is that you want and work to become the type of person that you want to be.

Because the seed that you plant 10 years ago will be the tree that you seek shelter under years later.

Make sure it’s an awesome tree that you take care of daily.



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