The First Time My Family Respected Me

If you are from an immigrant family, I think you can relate to this

Your family has high expectations of what you can accomplish
and if that meant constantly pushing you to be better, they did it.
Ok, so it wasn’t the FIRST time that my family respected me, but the shift was so big that it might as well have been
If you have guessed it, yes, it was the first time I got a real job as a business analyst in San Francisco.
Even going to college didn’t really change their perceptions of me as a little girl in their eyes, but when I first started supporting myself full time..
things changed.
I changed too.
And I see the same with my clients too.
Once they are able to get a job and work and stay in the USA, not only are they happier because they are self supporting..
but their family, friends, and spouses feel much better too and are prouder of them (rightfully so)
Of course, your worth is already enough as you are, but if you are not actually using your skills and putting that into a job and helping others..
then you might feel the depression I felt when I graduated but sat on the floor of my apartment wondering what the hell had gone wrong that I wasn’t able to get a job for months in 2012.
Now that it’s 2018, there are more jobs but still, students are NOT taught how to write resumes that work, interview with ease, and network with people who can help you get the job.
See you there!
p.s.: Ok, in all transparency, your immigrants will NEVER be happy with your progress, but I guarantee you your home life will be easier once you get a job 🙂