Teach What You Learned from Your Home Country to the World

Back in 2014, I taught an Iranian pharmacy owner how to pass his TOEFL test so he can get a license to work in California.

What really killed me was when I saw a PhD educated man take on lower position jobs just because he decided to continue his new life in a different country
When he absolutely could have learned how to teach foreigners how to do business in Iran
when he absolutely could have taught people how to run a pharmacy in Tehran
when he absolutely could teach other Farsi speaking peoples how to move to America
when he could have skipped the entire ladder and started his own business
(he did tell me he wanted to start a Subway franchise)
but just like he didn’t know he could back then,
I didn’t know that anyone could
Which is why I started the first school in the world that teaches immigrant entrepreneurs how to take their homegrown skills to the world.
My personal belief is that it doesn’t matter where you come from, if you don’t have skills, you’re gonna have a bad time.
And of course, skills can be developed over time, and you can learn
but as someone who took 2 years to really learn English,
I really wanted it to be a faster way.
I wanted to help people like my clients who were able to become parenting, career, and accounting coaches because they recognized that their skills were valuable.
Because as the world discusses the politics of immigration (and there’s about 15,984 opinions on that)
I recognized that what I COULD do
Is to not only share stories of successes at my Immigrant CEO show..
but also give you the TOOLS to succeed with the Immigrant CEO School.
It’s time to take what you already know and build a business
instead of subscribing to the “theory” that first generation immigrants must sacrifice and not actually look at SUCCESS as the goal.
Over 8 weeks I will be teaching you everything I know about building an online business and how you can take the skills you ALREADY know..
without having to invest $1MM in a gas station (average price btw)
without having to break your back managing a restaurant 12 hours a day
without having to go $100,000 into MBA debt and 2 more years of not making any money.
I believe that yes there will always be prejudice one way or the other, that is out of our controls..

but if you are using your skill set to change the world, to be able to share your hometown awesomeness with the world, why the hell not??