I got the job offer in three weeks. Li has been very helpful on my interview. Before I started a one-hour training with her, I had no idea how to start the prepping. Li provided a clear guideline which is easy to follow, structure and remember. I applied all the techniques that she taught me in the first and second round of the phone interview and got positive feedback from the interviewers, such as, I conducted the interview pace, I asked great questions, I made introduction short and clear. It’s worth of my money and time working with Li. Highly recommended!

Stany Y
Program Manager
When I decided to start coaching with Li I did it because I wasn’t happy with the direction that my career was taking. I felt that at my last job I wasn’t fully embracing my potential and there were so many problems surrounding my company that made me feel stressed and unwelcome in the team. After my first call with Li she made me feel empowered and without her advice I wouldn’t have moved the necessary pieces to take on my next professional challenge. She helped me set realistic goal and expectations about career results
I always felt I was good at networking, but thanks to Li now I can say that I have mastered that skill, her advice has made me be bolder and stronger in my communication and decision making. With her suggestions and tasks, I was able to visualize what I wanted to do with my career, the job I wanted, and how I could make it happen. I can certainly recommend her not only because she is an incredible motivator and coach, but because she is looking out for you making sure you feel comfortable every step of the way.
Cindy Ramirez
UX Designer at Sabre
Li helped me to transit well from college to post-graduation life, from Ohio where I went to college to San Francisco Bay area where I want to pursue my career. She motivated and prepared me well for post-graduation life in terms of social networking, job searching and becoming a resourceful young professional.
I found it interesting when she first approached me throughout an email and decided to gain more insights on social networking and job search. Li played as a mentor to guide me through step by step, from how to write a well-done resume to how to challenge myself for better. I greatly appreciate what Li did and I will definitely keep in touch with her as a brilliant business woman and a active motivator!
Hanrui ‘Hannah’ Yang
Financial Analyst at One Republic Bank
“I’m really lucky to work with Li Lin. After graduating from grad school, I was trying to find a job on my OPT. I came to her before an important interview that I was nervous about. She helped me organize my thoughts and coached me on how to present my best. She not only helped me land my dream job, but also make me a more confident person in general. Lin is very insightful and professional, and she also has cross-cultural insights into interview strategy.”
Lolo Zhang
Communication Designer at SYP
I had an amazing session with Li Lin, from our Skype call she completely re-wrote my Linkedin Profile and took it to another level. Thanks Li, I love it!!

I had the great honor of working with Li Lin on my LinkedIn profile. She is a real pro and will help you get your profile updated. She definitely spends the time and makes sure that your happy.

Radhaa Nilia

My 3 hour training session was awesome!!

Below ares something she provided for me.
1. An good opening of how to “Introduce Yourself”
Believe me, most people, including me, didn’t know how to introduce themselves in a smart way in an interview, which is super important.
2. Research on the position, the company, and the interviewers
3. An outline to answer each popular interview question that are customized for me
4. Intensive practice on the interview
5. Follow up idea after interview
It sounds like a lot of work to do, but Li has  done enough homework before the 3 hour started!! So that what I needed to do is much simple and I could do my part in a smarter way under her instruction.
When the 3 hour started, I felt like she has knew me for long time and she knew all my advantages and weakness. She is trustable and super smart!
I am not a person who’d like to write reviews for service. But she deserves my time. Highly recommended!


首先在简历上懂得了如何包装自己,让自己成为公司所需要的人才。当简历比较完善时,积极的去寻找工作,通过各种途径和方式为自己争取面试机会。 面试过程反复练习 在每一次面试过程中积累经验和教训, 从每一次收获中建立自己的信心。

两个月以来,自信是最重要的,是第一位的,但这也是一段时间和过程锻炼和培养出来的。 所以在以后的求职中,相信自己可以发挥的更好找到更满意的工作。同时,林老师的培训体系也很全面,在各个方面都帮助我很多,比如如何给HR 发邮件,面试后的thank you letter,都很详细的帮我改正。李老师的态度也很认真,很细心,也很负责。



It was a pleasure to work on my job search with Li Lin, who was a strong and kept me motivated going through it.Li Lin was very productive person, she analyzed my potentials and help me build over it. She was eager to help, always punctual, well educated and precise in her analysis and helped me in a very professional manner. If you need a professional help to do a job search, make sure you have Li Lin doing that job. She has an extensive experience, and her open-minded approach could not be overestimated.
Gaurav Deshmukh
Software Engineer
The reason that I was so eager to work with Li is I really need a professional career adviser to help me land a job.  I need to brush up my interview skills and advises on resume and cover letter.  Li just provide what I need.  She helped me to revise the resume, cover letter and improve the interview skills. The most important thing is she taught how to use LinkedIn to get connect and social with alumni and industry expertise.  It helped to get referrals from Deloitte and PwC.  Now I finally found my dream job.  I really appreciate her assistance.
Lillian QianLi Liu

Li 对待工作非常的有责任心和细心。对于我提出的各种问题总能细心回答。 我在和Li合作中学会了怎么给陌生人发邮件,建立有用的人际关系。让比较内向不知道如何去交际陌生人的自己有了突破。 也从Li的帮助中变得比以前自信一些。Li 对于我而言更像个可以依靠的好朋友,每次找工作的辛酸失败,还是成功的喜悦,我都会和她分享,而她也会给我安慰,给我打气,也为终于拿到offer的我儿高兴。 很高兴认识Li, 感谢她给予我的帮助和一份友谊 :)

Hui Liu
Animator at 2K Studios

“与Li 的合作真是受益匪浅,原来不知道如何组织自己简历内容的我,学会了,tell my story。她教会我如何有效讲出自己的故事。我也找到了自信,懂得了如何准备面试,如何在面试中更好的表现自己。更重要的是Li的真诚,真诚地帮助我解决问题。大家如果有求职困惑,相信Li可以帮您很好的解决!”


Selena Lei Zhang

“If you’re looking to ace that interview, don’t hesitate to contact Li Lin. During my frenzy of searching for jobs, applying to positions, and preparing for phone and on-site interviews, a quick Skype call with Li prepared me more than any sort of research or self-preparation could have.
From the start of the call, I could tell that Li was not only professional, but she cared. She wanted me to succeed. Through a mock interview session, Li helped me figure out my strengths and skills that I should focus on for my interview responses, particularly on the results rather than the process.
She also helped me dial in questions to ask my interviewers that showed my initiative and commitment. She provides more than generic tips; she helped me tailor my responses to include my own personality so that my interviewer would easily remember me and my answers. As a result of Li’s help, I’m now working at Google!”
Dan Ngyuen
UX Research Participant Recruiter at Google

Thank you so much for your help and support that weekend. I don’t know if I would still earn this opportunity if I had not spoken with you.

Xinyi “Cherry” H.

Corporate Development Intern to Conning

“Li Lin helped me land a job as a pharmacy technician after a 1 year gap in my resume. She helped me create different versions of resumes so that I could apply to many different pharmacies.  She coached me on interview confidence during a very short amount of time and I am very happy that she is there to help me not only in English but helping me advance my career in America.”
–Mohammad Bakhshi Dezfuli