Selling Stories

They say “the one with the best story wins.”

The history nerd in me agrees wholeheartedly, throughout time we have seen those with the strongest beliefs and the most beneficial stories win territory, minds, and hearts

And it got me into thinking what is it exactly that I want to keep doing

And it is helping people learn how to sell their stories

I truly enjoy helping my clients arrange their interview stories so the best high-lights of their career comes to life

I really see a shift in their confidence when I see them going from someone who thought “who would hire me?” to “Wow I forgot how amazing I was!”

And the same is with college applications, when I hear clients say “I didn’t really do anything special” to “wow I gained so much confidence in myself”, I swell with pride

All throughout our lives we have several stories that change the direction of what we do and it absolutely is something that can either hurt or help you.

There are a few stories that truly inspire me and it might be able to help you see yourself in a better and happier light so you can make your changes faster:

1. From Nothing to Something

One of the reasons why I love immigrants, airports, and blank notebooks is the possibility of new beginnings

Children’s dreams inspire us to no end because we are able to dream any which way

When we get older, we get more jaded as we start to accept obstacles and reality as just the way things are, instead of something we can change

The great news is that you can always decide what that “something” is, and change it

You can go from someone who wanted to be an artist to becoming a consultant

You can go from living in China to living in the USA

As long as you have that purpose of something, you’ll always be able to handle more obstacles than the person who was directionless, aimless, and wandering because you have a specific purpose.

And when you have a goal, no matter how ridiculous, like how Arnold Schwarzenegger went from being an Austrian farm boy to becoming the world champion bodybuilder to governor of California, becomes more achievable.

2. Destiny v. Will 

We are all born with

  • a particular set of parents
  • skin color
  • ethnic group
  • facial features
  • cultural upbringing
  • family
  • location

And it’s neither good nor bad, and one good or bad thing may turn out completely differently in different people, but that is just destiny

But you are also born with enormous will power to change things


  • your career
  • your relationships
  • your health
  • your finances
  • your location
  • your appearance via makeup/dress/hair

I do believe that there are some advantages to anyone’s destiny if they know how to use it, and there is more

3. Exploiting Your Disadvantages

One of the things that I noticed cropping up was people addressing more of those who have had wrong done onto them

I also feel that there is another perspective to this, the ability to change something that is called your “disadvantage” to something that ultimately benefits you

I have helped my clients see their accent as an advantage in job interviews

I have personally been hired as a speech coach¬†because I didn’t know English 18 years ago

And I have also been hired because I was a minority woman

Whether that makes me privileged or not is another topic for another day

But I really do want to see more people see their cultural heritage and their inheritance from their ancestors as a point of PRIDE rather than a source of shame or guilt

And no matter who I decide to help, I know that my purpose and mission on this planet is to help people see how they can sell their stories to themselves, for a more confident, better version, that helps them get the life that they want instead of a life that they settle for

Because we all get what we settle for, why not raise the standards and live the best life we can?