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    What Happened to Your Dreams?

    What happened to the 5 year old who said she was going to be an artist, a teacher? What happened to the 8 year old who dreamed about being famous? What happened to the 12 year old who wanted to write a book? What happened to the 18 year old who wanted to start a business? Instead, it was replaced. By the 6 year old who learned to play piano, not because she wanted to, but it was the only thing that seemed to make her mother approve. By the 10 year old who moved to a different country and learned that she was the definition of uncool. By the…

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    How 3 of My Clients Got H-1B Jobs

    2016 was a great year for my clients, and I’m here to share with you 3 of them and their stories of how they were able to get H-1B sponsoring jobs: Cindy Ramirez: Getting a UX Designer Job in 10 Weeks: Cindy was able to go from being let go over a weekend to getting a UX designer job within 10 weeks, moving from SF to Dallas to start her new career. I remember the first time I talked to Cindy over a Friday back in 2015, and I heard a lot of passion and drive in what she wanted to do but was not able to do at HP.…

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    Lucy Lee, Immigration Lawyer of San Francisco’s #1 Most Established Immigration Firm

    Have you ever wished an immigration lawyer could wave a magic wand and make all your visa headaches go away? Any time my clients have any immigration issues, I always refer them to Lucy Lee of Fallon, Bixby, Cheng, & Lee, which is THE #1 most established and oldest immigration law firm in San Franciso, established since 1925. I am so happy to introduce Lucy, an immigration lawyer with 26 years of experience on this interview to share with you her take on immigration issues today. Lucy’s parents first came from China to the US to escape the Communist regime, and thereafter Lucy worked at her family restaurant. In her family business,…

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    My Limitations Made Me Successful

    I never buy it when somebody tells me “I think the reason why I can’t get a job is because of my accent/experience/school I went to/major, etc.” I call bull. All of the supposed “limitations” I’ve had were blessings in disguise because I CHOSE them to be helpful to me.  Here are some of the 3 “limitations” I’ve had that have propelled me to massive success as a career coach who now helps immigrant professionals land $100,000+ a year jobs in the US: Limitation #1: Being a Chinese Daughter I remember my mother telling me a story about how my father was disappointed when he found out I was a…

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    Creating the Next Buddha & Jesus

    HOW you describe yourself is incredibly important. It can mean the difference between someone who becomes wildly in love with you v. someone who finds you absolutely repulsive. A few months ago I got so good at what I did that I saw my work as almost boring and routine. Thankfully I snapped out of this and realized what I REALLY do. I create the next Buddha and the next Jesus. Allow me to explain: Most of the clients who come to me are incredibly smart. They are the creme de la creme in their home countries. They have PhDs and masters degrees and have owned businesses in their countries,…

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    Why Mass Submitting Resumes is Not a Strategy

    Every week I get on the phone with atleast 10+ job seekers, and one of the most common things they ask me is: “I have sent out 100+ resumes (substitute enormous number here), but why do I never get any responses?” If you’ve wondered why that has never happened, the truth is that your resume is not the door opener for most jobs (which are 80% filled by referral). The truth is that relationships with PEOPLE get you jobs.  Not how often you click a button. I understand that it’s a lot of work–and my least favorite kind: the annoying type that doesn’t get any results. If you have ever…

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    How to Forrest Gump Your Career

    Source: http://www.pluggedin.com/movie-reviews/forrest-gump/ As I was scrolling through my Netflix yesterday, I noticed one of my favorite movies of all time–Forrest Gump.  And even though it’s one of the most ridiculous movies ever made, I love it because it shows an essential truth. That sometimes, “stupid” people actually have more of what it takes to succeed than the smart ones. I talk to a lot of highly educated people on a regular basis and surprisingly they are the ones holding themselves because they are so smart at convincing themselves and protecting themselves!! Because here’s the truth. If you don’t apply for a job, you’ll never get rejected. If you never go to…

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