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    Even When It Was Batshit Crazy, At Least it Was Fun

    Today I woke up reminded of my favorite movie, Joy. And how funny that the one movie which probably most describes my life as a woman in business, that the title is named after the one emotion that I continously felt during the beginning of business. Even back in January of 2015 when I put up a post on a TOEFL facebook group offering free 30 minute speaking coaching, talking to about 5 people back to back each day for the entire month, with my voice exhausted–it was exciting for me. Even back around April of that year, when I had about 69 different people say no to my career…

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    What I Did at 7 is What I Do at 27

    7 years old and 27 years old: SAME OL’ THANG From 1996-1999 I religiously read a bi-weekly Chinese magazine roughly called “Stories Collections”. Every other week when it dropped I would literally bug my grandparents to no end until I got it. I was so happy reading the lame jokes and stories and it’s one of the reasons why I was able to read so fast-passion, and interest. It occured to me today that I literally do the same thing still, 20 years later. I teach my clients how to tell stories to people who can hire them, to their potential clients, but most importantly, themselves. Isn’t it hilarious that…

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    3 Lessons I Learned from Immigrant CEOs

      Last week I interviewed 9 successful immigrant entrepreneurs (aka talking to my friends and recording it) And I remember just about a month ago I was a bit complaining about how I felt that I didn’t have enough entrepreneur friends.. then BAM! With one Facebook status request I was able to get a lineup of about 1/4 of a year’s worth of interviews. Know that we don’t all need to be Buddhist monks who renounce our desires, we can use our desires to fulfill some amazing things. And the interesting thing about the interviews is that even though my friends range from people from the Bahamas to Brazil, Cameroon…

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    The World is Your Oyster, It Will Irritate the Hell Out of You

    The question is, will you let the irritant that enters you become your pearl? It’s fascinating to me how something very similar can happen to 2 different people and they can produce entirely different results. For one person, something that annoys them becomes something that annoys them forever For another, the thing that annoys the hell out of them will of course, at first be an annoyance. But then they start to obsess about this–is it really the way that I want to live my life? And not only do they eventually end up solving the problem itself, they begin to solve it for other people also. For me, my…

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    6 Things I Learned in Spain

    Hello Successful immigrant! If you’ve been wondering why I’ve been on the quiet end lately on the newsletter, it’s because I’ve been in Spain for a 2 day workshop teaching me how to become a master persuader.. My 1:1 clients have already been getting some amazing wisdom nuggets that I’ve learned from this workshop and I can truly say this event has changed my life. I’m going to be working on more amazing and cool things for you on my end, but just to update on on what’s been going on, here are some 6 things that I learned during this trip: 1.Shock your system:  Things have gotten a bit more stable in my business,  and there is nothing like an overseas…

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    7 Lessons I Learned in the First Half of 2017

    2017 has been an incredibly fascinating time for me, comparable to back in 2012 when I first started solo backpacking in Thailand and almost as exciting as when I first started my business in 2014. This year I really put myself first. I decided to say yes to a dream that I’ve had for a few years, traveling to Europe, and I decided to splurge a bit on myself (maybe a bit too much), because 2015 and 2016 had been grind years for me (even though they were still exciting in their own right) As I look back at the last 6 months, all I can say is that wow.…

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    Impatience is a Virtue

    During a late lunch, I discussed with someone on how impatient Asians are in general compared to what I saw while I was traveling to other countries and even in the US. And I was also talking about how type A people should just take vacations to Europe and Southeast Asia to slow our horses. But I realize that everything I’ve ever done that I am very proud of, I literally did it either before I was ready or during the spur of the moment. I was one of those kids growing up who always finished their assignments early and during tests I would just recheck it again just so…

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    Writing Future Letters to Yourself & 3 Months Ago

    Today I received a Future.Me letter from myself 3 months ago right after my trip to Germany, and it is amazing how much things can change in a short amount of time when you decide to shorten your timeline for completing things. Today I just booked a ticket to Madrid to see one of my heroes in July and now it’s gone from very frightened excitement booking international trips where I know nobody, to this being normal. I do think that sometimes we do need to be pushed into see that the things we’re scared/excited about is not that difficult and that when we do it often enough, it becomes…

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    The Seed You Plant Grows

    Every day, you choose the clothes that you want to wear. Every day, you pick the food that you put in your mouth. Every day, you also choose the seeds you plant into your brain. You absolutely control the information that you receive into the world, even though the world wants to tell you otherwise. If you consistently tell yourself that you accomplish every goal that you set out to do as best as you can, guess what’s going to happen? If you consistently tell yourself that you are going to connect with people who have a similar world mission as you, guess what’s going to manifest? Basic life principles…

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    Why Would You Want to Be Yourself?

    If being yourself so far has produced a mediocre life. If being yourself has given you lackluster results If being yourself has not improved your life in any way. How about if you just changed how you defined yourself? One of the most important books I read in my life was Leil Lowndes’ book on overcoming shyness–and one of the biggest lessons she shared was that you need to not only STOP calling yourself shy but also stop your family members and friends from ever calling you that again. Because we live up to what it is that we believe is our identity. So if so far you’ve been saying…

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