Is Struggle Your Story?

Whenever I hear the phrase “the struggle is real”, I get it, but I also think it’s incredibly destructive.

Whenever you tell yourself something that you don’t desire is real, what you do not desire becomes your reality and your truth.

I grow up in an environment where not only the struggle was “real” but also somehow mystified and honored.

I was told that because I didn’t know what struggle was, that somehow I was lesser than people who had simply been born into unfavorable circumstances.

I see this all across the internet, too–people who say “check your privilege”.


Are you going to seriously guilt people because of the environment they were born in?

Are you seriously going to have struggle as your ONLY story?

The people who told me that there was honor in struggle were also struggling, and never seemed to get out of it–it seemed to me that they were holding onto dear life for their story, because if they let go of that story, they would have had to face the truth that they weren’t living the life they truly wanted.

For a very long time I had my own struggle story too.

I thought that because I came to the US at a later date from my peers that this was just going to be me, forever an outsider.

Guess what I manifested?

Even during the times when I would play with other kids I would tell myself that “oh I’m different from them, and I would never be the same because I’m Chinese”, that manifested.

It wasn’t because of the environment–I had kids who wanted to play with me and I had people who didn’t want to all the same, same as when I was in Chinese elementary school, but my belief that I had to struggle or was different made my life–a struggle.

There’s no honor in being born poor.

There is no honor in being born rich.

It’s what YOU make of it that matters. 

Just because somebody happens to struggle a bit less doesn’t mean that they are any less human than you.

The funny thing is, the more you think about struggle and the more you want it to be “real”, that’s all you’re going to manifest.

Because if all you have was the struggle and if you think the only reason you’re broke, unhappy, or unhealthy is because of your upbringing, well you’re just going to hold onto it for dear life.

Because why?

  • Because if you took away the struggle, you would see somebody that didn’t use their life to reach their full potential.
  • If you took away the struggle, you would just have a lazy person with a victim mentality and excuses.
  • If you took away the struggle, they realized that they told their own story already and doomed themselves to failure.

It also shows irresponsibility–after all, whatever your parents did, understand them and realize that they were human too and move on.

Understand the destructive and constructive parts and only do what you need to do.

I remember when I used to be incredibly jealous of people who had an easy life and were killing it in business.

I felt the separation between them and me because I was the one who divided myself between them!

I realized that they had the struggle too, but the only difference was that they just chose to move on.

They chose to build a future that would be constructive.

And they talk far less about the past.

They just create their own futures.

And in my envy I realized that I could have it too, if only I let it.

So I changed my story.

I began to create my own narrative.

I started my own journey so that anything that I did, I was truly taking on my own responsibilities.

What are some things that you can change about your story?

Were you somebody who was born in an unfavorable neighborhood or didn’t have enough money?

Then stop saying that’s just how it is.

Forget the past already.

It’s time to create your own future.

The only question is–are you going to create a new story, or are you going to let your story create you?



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