Happy Thanksgiving from The Successful Immigrant


Sooo I don’t know about you but I’m eating a giant tub of ice cream as I type this…

because I just got my wisdom tooth pulled out (all 4!)

I started thinking about my first black Friday experience with an American family friend..

I had to wake up at around 4 AM to wait for the mall to open at 5 AM

And let me say that it wasn’t a pleasant experience.

Subsequent Black Fridays have been similar until I stopped going entirely.


While you can get a lot of products for cheap, they also manufacture sub-par products just for Black Friday.

And I’m not about that life.

Which is why I’m releasing 3 of my most anticipated products WITHOUT you having to wakeup bleary eyed and trying to shove off another person for your favorite gift.

So as I’ve said in my last email, I want to make you a TRIPLE THREAT.

Someone who is a charismatic leader who can come across as confident and powerful in your career, business, and while dealing with your clients, boss, or anyone that you come across..

And also someone who can be LINKEDIN FAMOUS (which is how I got my 1st job as a business analyst with zero experience)

And how my clients got $115,000 a year jobs at companies like eBay, Yelp, and JP Morgan..

and also of course my 2018 Planning Party!

Alrighty so no more teasing, here’s how you can grab them NOW:

Click here for Charismatic Leaders ($197):

This is the program that helped my client land a $40/hr side gig and it is a 21 day program to transform you into becoming the confident and charismatic leader you KNOW you could be!

I teach on what to do on Facebook Lives and how to get your very first client and you get all 21 days IMMEDIATELY!

And you also get the journaling prompts that I use to get to the next level.

Click here for Linkedin Famous ($97):

Linkedin famous is the program that teaches you how to write a profile that gets 10,000+ followers, how to write viral articles that get 20,000+ views (not a typo) and shares and gets you radio interviews and industry recognition. I am RETIRING this program after this round because I will be newly updating it for 2018 so once this training is sold, you cannot get it in 2018!

Click here for the 2018 Planning Party ($47):

and of course my new 2018 planning party where in 2 hours I show you how to plan your year/month/week for $10,000+ months and how I managed to do TEDx talks, go to Europe 2x, move to a beach house, and make $216,000 in 22 months as a coach and how you can too!

Happy Thanksgiving!