Even When It Was Batshit Crazy, At Least it Was Fun

Today I woke up reminded of my favorite movie, Joy.

And how funny that the one movie which probably most describes my life as a woman in business, that the title is named after the one emotion that I continously felt during the beginning of business.

Even back in January of 2015 when I put up a post on a TOEFL facebook group offering free 30 minute speaking coaching, talking to about 5 people back to back each day for the entire month, with my voice exhausted–it was exciting for me.

Even back around April of that year, when I had about 69 different people say no to my career coaching services before I landed my second client, each call was exhilarating–will this be the one?

Even when I had to deal with batshit crazy people, the thrill of it was still worth it.

Because as an awesome coach, Katie Henry puts it, we didn’t get into business to struggle and feel shitty about it.

And it really sank into me–why the hell did I get into business the first place?

It was absolutely NOT because I wanted to feel more miserable.

It was partly out of survival since I failed at so many other jobs as an employee.

But it was definitely because I KNEW I had a greater calling and I needed to fill in that role and be on the journey.

Because even when it was BATSHIT CRAZY, it was fun.

It was exciting

It was exhilarating

The first $200 I made online from an Egyptian pharmacist from New Jersey was the most important money I ever made.

It represented freedom.

It meant that I didn’t have to drive in 100 degrees Coachella Valley desert heat while turning off my iPhone because it over heated.

It meant that I could spend more time teaching and less time doing things I hated like driving

It meant that I was one step closer to living the life that I wanted, working from anywhere I wanted and being a workaholic if I wanted to, but most importantly, mattering.

Remember that there’s a reason why you have emotions.

They are meters to determine if you should go or not.

Yes, some times you have to go regardless of how you feel.

But when you for a long time ignore how you feel and go into misery in the hopes of thinking something external can make you happy..you will be in for a shock when you wake up.

One of the things that I need to continously reprogram myself each day is for joy.

Yes, I have bad days, I have times when I don’t want to do anything except go lay at a Korean spa, but if you truly are absolutely LIT UP by your work, you will keep going and going no matter what.





You are here not to suffer in misery.

You are here to live an amazing life full of joy.

If you’ve been looking for permission to be happy

Because it’s somehow “wrong” to be happier than others

or “weird” when you’re not complaining about your job..

know that our default state was to live out an amazing experience

And you can completely choose it.

The question is

will you take the leap

Because when you do…

you realize that you’ve been crawling and you could have been flying the whole time, on emotional highs and the joy of doing what you were meant to be doing on this earth.



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