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3 Lessons I Learned from Immigrant CEOs


Last week I interviewed 9 successful immigrant entrepreneurs (aka talking to my friends and recording it)

And I remember just about a month ago I was a bit complaining about how I felt that I didn’t have enough entrepreneur friends..

then BAM! With one Facebook status request I was able to get a lineup of about 1/4 of a year’s worth of interviews.

Know that we don’t all need to be Buddhist monks who renounce our desires, we can use our desires to fulfill some amazing things.

And the interesting thing about the interviews is that even though my friends range from people from the Bahamas to Brazil, Cameroon to China, Estonia to Mexico, to even the USA, it was almost like they were from the same mold.

Even though they would of course talk about their individual stories which were absolutely fascinating and made them who they were, when they were going to a different country, it was almost as if they were of the same mindset.

Because, of course, successful people think in a certain way (see the Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles, excellent book that I listen to almost monthly)


In almost every single interview, there were so many instances where it would have just been easier to just avoid doing the incredible things my friends were able to do.

And yet, instead of retreating, they decided they were ONLY availble for success.

My friends talked about how they just decided no matter how hard or difficult their present situation was or how “ok” it seemed from the outside, they were going to make a better future.

Whether it was learning a new language, navigating a new country, making new friends, getting on Forbes, trying to get a business license in a new country, in every single instance, they refused to accept the status quo and they just went for it.

And it was interesting to see them in some form of another just say “this is just how it is now” or “this is my home”, or ” I’m going to figure out a way to make this happen” no matter how bleak it looked like on the surface.

It was absolutely refreshing to just hear, especially amidst so much social media crap about how things were getting worse or whatever, literally seeing people uproot themselves and establish a successful company regardless of how impossible it seemed at the beginning.


I’ve said in previous articles I wrote on how Stupid, Shameless, and Shallow make more money than you…

and I believe it more so than ever, and this is NOT a knock on my interviewees at all, I believe they are all absolutely brilliant, there were just instances where they just chose NOT to listen to people who were their parents, family, and what the way was at the time.

I believe that more so than ever, it’s not just important to do what you need to do but also know who to listen to and who not to listen to.

Only listen to people who you aspire to be for the 2.0 version of you.

Only listen to be people who you want to be like

Only listen to people because you connect with them, you want the life that they have

And as JP Sears says in his TEDx talk and funny enough what I say to my own clients:

“Don’t reject yourself.”

Sure, it may be self protective, it may be the “safe” thing to do, to listen to “conventional wisdom”, but if you don’t want a 9-5 job, you don’t want to live in a crime ridden society, you don’t want to be at the status quo because there is this nagging feeling telling you that YES there is more, YES there is better, well then what the hell is the point of listening to people whose lives you don’t admire, whose philosophy doesn’t align with yours, who really is not someone you want to be the 2.0 version of anyways?

You have to let go and you have to only listen to people who have done what you want to do.

Period point blank end of story, forget what you’re “supposed to do”, we are here to do our own things, and if it’s not aligned…first off you’re taking the job of someone who would absolutely LOVE it..then why live that life?


The Immigrant CEO show would be remiss if I did not mention the fact that the absolutely fascinating thing about immigrants is that we do whatever it takes.

We already moved from our family and friends, there’s really no pride or ego left for us to hang onto, at least not the constant pressure of being around something we no longer desire.

So we are able to fill in things that may need help

Such as an internet hosting service

Such as a personal organizing service

Such as quitting a cushy Forex job to launching a dog training company

The list goes on and on and I’m going to make sure to cover all types of businesses (not just on the coaching end), but it just fascinates me that immigrant CEOs are able to fill in a niche where others may have totally ignored in the beginning and absolutely dominate it.

This is a passion project of mine and I really felt that I HAD TO DO THIS.

I was sick of the whiney bitchy social media posts about how immigrants should just be given assistance or in other ways show that we were powerless..HELL NO.

I believe that immigrant entrepreneurs really are the most American thing that is out there, we are the proof that you can come from nothing and create a fortune.

I am very excited to be sharing with you more behind the scenes stuff as I continue to interview more immigrant CEOs (and people that YOU would recommend me to interview) and sharing with you their recipes for success!



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The World is Your Oyster, It Will Irritate the Hell Out of You

The question is, will you let the irritant that enters you become your pearl?

It’s fascinating to me how something very similar can happen to 2 different people and they can produce entirely different results.

For one person, something that annoys them becomes something that annoys them forever

For another, the thing that annoys the hell out of them will of course, at first be an annoyance.

But then they start to obsess about this–is it really the way that I want to live my life?

And not only do they eventually end up solving the problem itself, they begin to solve it for other people also.

For me, my CONSTANT irritant growing up was that I was different, that I looked and sounded not quite right, wasn’t born in the right country and was just never cool no matter how hard I tried.

While I could not control what clothes I wore or what I looked like, I promised myself that the things that I could have control over? I was going to give 100%.

I promised myself I would never have an accent.

I promised myself I would become amazing at English.

I promised myself I would get into the best college I could.

I worked harder than anyone else and I got to where I wanted to be.

And eventually I started wondering why the hell people who were born in the US were not in honors English classes but I only learned English a few years ago and was studying in higher levels.

That’s when it clicked for me.

It doesn’t matter where you come from.

It matters your direction and your convinction in how far you wanted to go.

My irritatant became my pearl when I started teaching TOEFL as one of my first business ideas.

And my irritant of being bad at finding jobs 5 years ago became my business pearl, The Successful Immigrant LLC, which has helped over 200 of my clients with H-1B and OPT jobs over the past 3 years.

So my question for you is, will you let your irritant annoy you forever, or become your pearl?



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6 Things I Learned in Spain

Hello Successful immigrant!

If you’ve been wondering why I’ve been on the quiet end lately on the newsletter, it’s because I’ve been in Spain for a 2 day workshop teaching me how to become a master persuader..
My 1:1 clients have already been getting some amazing wisdom nuggets that I’ve learned from this workshop and I can truly say this event has changed my life.
I’m going to be working on more amazing and cool things for you on my end, but just to update on on what’s been going on, here are some 6 things that I learned during this trip:
1.Shock your system: 
Things have gotten a bit more stable in my business,  and there is nothing like an overseas workshop that will wake up your senses as to new possibilities that will be possible for your life and your career.
There are so many things I learned from #PersuadeLive as well as just the people that I met, I can say I have 10x as much motivation as I had coming back and we all need that candy from time to time to work better.
2. Have the red wine and the water:
I sat next to a Spaniard on my flight to Spain and as amazing as her stories were, I saw her order both the red wine and the water and I realized she gave me permission to have both too. I am on my flight back to SNA, with big red wine and water in hand And I feel abundant af!!!
3. Your tale is just as important as your face: 
Humans evolved not only for hotness but for smartness, and the amazing thing I got to witness was how we can all change our perceptions and craft our own stories to hook people who could be our clients and extend that into our personal lives.
4. Learn Spanish
Enough said. The Mediterranean sun made me a toasted Chinese and what is the fun of being ethnically ambiguous if you just say “no entiendo” all the time?
5. Stop being a robot: 
I am so in the entrepreneurial bubble that I had to snap out of it with 21 year old hostel stayers. Thank you for pointing this out and I will incorporate some European joie de vivre into my SoCal life from now on.
we only have a set amount of time on this beautiful planet and if we can we should travel as much as we can to see the world, and I think it’s one of the best motivations you can have in our life and the people you meet and the sights you will see will absolutely change your life.
I’ve already adjusted time wise and I feel so lucky to be able to resume my work today and to be able to share with you how another immigrant can live her life.
So since I’ve been inspired by this trip, I’ll be doing a bit of a facelift for my business, you’ll be seeing some new changes in the coming months and if you’re looking to work with me before I increase my prices in the next few months, head on over to if you’re looking to make your next 6 figure income within the next few weeks
I hope you’re also taking a bit more of a break this summer, if not for a month but just for a few weeks or even just a few hours to rejuvenate and head into the next level.
Adjusting back to US time,

7 Lessons I Learned in the First Half of 2017

2017 has been an incredibly fascinating time for me, comparable to back in 2012 when I first started solo backpacking in Thailand and almost as exciting as when I first started my business in 2014.

This year I really put myself first.

I decided to say yes to a dream that I’ve had for a few years, traveling to Europe, and I decided to splurge a bit on myself (maybe a bit too much), because 2015 and 2016 had been grind years for me (even though they were still exciting in their own right)

As I look back at the last 6 months, all I can say is that wow.

I’m proud of myself.

Even throughout all the mistakes and wrong turns I’ve made, each and every day I’ve decided to pursue my dreams and each and every day I’ve been able to learn new aspects of myself.

Being single for the past 6 months has also been very interesting and fun as well, I gave myself another opportunity to learn more about relationships and to improve myself into a better woman overall, and also realizing that in the real world, yes, I am incredibly weird.

So I never want to pass time in vain and I do want to share some of the 7 lessons I learned in the first half of 2017:

I had been told by a few people that I was selfish earlier this year, and instead of feeling attacked or triggered this time, I owned it.

I said yes, I am selfish.

Thanks for noticing. I realized that the self sacrificing Asian woman role was just not cutting it at all, because in the end, you should do things not because you want OTHER people to react a certain way to you, but because you wanted to do it.

By trying to force something onto someone else creates resentment in both you and yourself.

Of course, sometimes I toe the line of being rude but overall I feel much more at ease OWNING the fact that YES, I absolutely put myself first before anyone else, and so should you..your own oxygen mask needs to be put on first.

Not just in emergencies, but in life.


The funny thing with Facebook timelines is that it reminds you of what you did in the past–well, I had initally been a bit upset when an older photo popped that reminded me that this time last year I went to a certain restaurant with my ex to celebrate a big sale day.

But lo and behold, that day, another date took me out to the SAME restaurant AND another one that we had been at previously, unplanned.

I knew then it was the universe letting me know that memories will stay good memories only when you are actively going out there and enjoying your life.

So whatever you are going through right now that might be upsetting you, realize that the same thing that caused you sadness might bring you complete happiness.

Same with money–if you have a bad situation with that experience, you can flip and learn from it and absolutely turn that into a great experience.

And guess what? More awesome memories will be created at ANY restaurant I choose to because that’s just the way that I believe life is possible for me.


Because of certain family situations that happened this year, I was reminded again how important it is to take care of your health, not when there’s a health scare, but EVERY SINGLE DAY.

I walk for 40 minutes and listen to mindset and mentor trainings, non negotiable, but recently I decided to join another gym because I just missed the feeling of going to classes.

I had gone to LA fitness throughout most of 2016, but 2017 got me busier again, and as I settle down more throughout the later part of this year, I decided to go for the Equinox membership where it will A. help me meet fellow human beings and B. keep me in shape.

I still cook healthy and focus on proteins and greens but there’s nothing that beats the feeling of coming back from a great class and looking and feeling great, which will in turn help you make more money.


This was a quote from the Power of Unlimited Imagination, and I only got to see how true it was when I finally decided to go to Europe for my 27th.

I had been putting it off all the time and I had been saying, only when this condition is met blah blah blah…

which would have been true had I made it so, but the trip really re-energized me in a way that other forms of rest could not have, and I got my international travel mojo back after not traveling internationally since 2012.

Now with cheap airline tickets, just some creativity and flexibility in your schedule can make it happen.

My ticket from LAX to Arlanda in Stockholm ROUNDTRIP was only $500, and totally attainable by somebody who does do some initial planning and can be flexible with their schedule (thank god I’m a business owner)

So I want you to know that travel is absolutely possible.


This year I started a ritual of going to the Korean spa and it has absolutely changed myself and my business.

I learned to relax into the water and also become more ok with being rather than doing.

Because it’s never what you DO, it’s always who you ARE.

And when you become that next level version of yourself, everything else follows.


I used to make about $2,000 ish per month near the beginning of 2016, and I thought OH once I hit $10,000 a month, my money problems will be solved!

Actually, the same problems came up. I swing through extremes of not spending anything and then going a bit loco with it, and I realized it wasn’t the money that was an issue after a base level, it’s how I react to having more than enough and why I thought I needed to send it to other people rather than paying myself first.

This money mindset is something that I will be working on for life, getting better and better each time, and this time it really hit me how it’s really not just about the money but how you manage EVERYTHING, time, your energy, and again the way you do one thing is the way you do everything.


This is amazing for me. After I bought Benny Lewis’ Speak in a Week program I realized that italki account I created back in 2015 to teach ESL can be used to teach myself Spanish.

Now I’ve been in contact with Spanish since I touched ground in California, I’ve learned very basic Spanish but never really TRULY put effort into it.

Now I’ve had 2 conversations over skype with native Spanish speakers and THIS IS EXACTLY LIKE COACHING!!

While I was being scared about talking to people in Spanish, I could have just done it in the comforts of my own home.

I’ve also changed my phone settings to Spanish and after a week I finally understand Google directions in it too.

So short bursts of something very intensive can work to your advantage, and I can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner.

And I know that the excitement I have for learning Spanish will also pay off in new Spanish speaking clients in the future and sine Latinos will take over the world any way I consider myself prepared beforehand.

PHEW! I really enjoyed writing this post because I seriously had a lot of fun experience in the past 6 months that I NEVER thought was possible, including flying a helicopter, doing k pop, driving a Ferrari, traveling to Europe, launching group programs, and generally having a ton more fun.

I KNOW that the next 6 months will be even better, with also me improving the financial management side of things and being more responsible in business but also having more fun with myself and my clients and more GROWTH everywhere. Also I’ve “committed to something” via Equinox’ slogan so hopefully you’ll see some killer abs and glutes from me soon! XD



PS: what is something you’ve learned in the past 6 months? Hit the reply button, would love to hear from you!

Impatience is a Virtue

During a late lunch, I discussed with someone on how impatient Asians are in general compared to what I saw while I was traveling to other countries and even in the US.

And I was also talking about how type A people should just take vacations to Europe and Southeast Asia to slow our horses.

But I realize that everything I’ve ever done that I am very proud of, I literally did it either before I was ready or during the spur of the moment.

I was one of those kids growing up who always finished their assignments early and during tests I would just recheck it again just so I didn’t feel too weird turning in the tests early.

And while I can do much, much better at being more compassionate when it comes to other people, I always felt that impatience was a virtue that has helped me achieve everything that I wanted to make happen.

While watching a Taiwanese variety show that featured a “United nations” panels of guys from different countries, I realized that I just don’t even understand people who take things slow.

I don’t understand why people want to wait to make things happen.

I don’t even really understand procrastination anymore, probably because I mostly do things that I want and I just want instant results, and I’m happy about that because this means that I shorten the time frame.

Why wait?

Until you’re more sure of yourself?

Because one of the biggest fallacies that have been taught to us is that somehow “older = wiser”, which, hopefully happens, but some of the greatest growth periods I have experienced were in VERY short bursts of time.

Because actually the opposite is true.

The more you wait, the more difficult it is to start.

Hell I wished I started a business when I was 10 years old.

The more you wait, the more you end up delaying what it is that you truly want.

The more you wait, the less faith you have in yourself.

The more you wait, the more you doubt your own abilities.

So in a place where we somehow villify instant gratification, I think impatience is an awesome virtue to have with yourself.

Why not make your dreams happen now?
Why not go introduce yourself?
Why not go start that business?
Why not go up on that stage?


If you need a reminder, here it is, you have permission to do everything it is that you want.

Do it before it’s too late

Do it before you forget your dreams

Do it before, even worse, you don’t prioritize your dreams.

Do it before you forget the most important person you need to make happy in the world–yourself.



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Writing Future Letters to Yourself & 3 Months Ago

Today I received a Future.Me letter from myself 3 months ago right after my trip to Germany, and it is amazing how much things can change in a short amount of time when you decide to shorten your timeline for completing things.

Today I just booked a ticket to Madrid to see one of my heroes in July and now it’s gone from very frightened excitement booking international trips where I know nobody, to this being normal.

I do think that sometimes we do need to be pushed into see that the things we’re scared/excited about is not that difficult and that when we do it often enough, it becomes normal.

Just even a year ago I would have thought this trip would have been impossible, I had imposed all sorts of limit on myself, pay off my debt first, maybe learn the language first, etc..

But of course the trip made me realize how much more expansive my business could be. Literally I wanted to just get away from my business for about a week and then at the hostel I met a girl who wanted to apply to work for Uber in San Francisco and of course I went into coaching mode for her resume.

And I started to realize that I could have FUN doing what I wanted to do..because, well, I know that I want to work with somebody who is having fun in business too and I know that webinars can be funny, emails can be enjoyable to read and you can run your life the way that you want it to be!

Because all we’re after is really a feeling, and if we can generate that feeling first, and we work as hard towards our dreams as we do our errands, can you imagine how much more amazing we could be?

A few years ago I thought it was irresponsible to put my own needs first above what I needed to do (get a good job, help out the family, etc), but today I realize that it’s irresponsible to NOT make your own dreams happen.

Because when you become rich yourself only then can you start helping others.

And more than just the physical manfestation of the money, it’s becoming the type of person who sees a problem and goes to find all sorts of ways to solve it, whether for herself or someone else.

And the more that you can put yourself in the environment, whether it’s internal or external, the faster than you can change.

And we are here to evolve into the highest versions of ourselves.

And you must put yourself first before anything else can happen.

It’s selfish, and that’s how we’re supposed to be.

And had I not put my Europe trip first I would have probably still been wondering how I can motivate myself to the next income level.

And I’m so happy that almost every time I have a big trip coming up, Vegas, Germany, or Madrid, I ALWAYS somehow manifest the desire to make it happen, no matter how crazily just in time it can be (need to work on the stabile relationship with money part here, but I digress)

The main point here is to say YES to your desires and say YES. Because there will be a time where it’ll not be possible to make that happen.

YOLO, Carpe Diem, whatever it is, your life is right now.

Choose now.



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The Seed You Plant Grows

Every day, you choose the clothes that you want to wear.
Every day, you pick the food that you put in your mouth.
Every day, you also choose the seeds you plant into your brain.

You absolutely control the information that you receive into the world, even though the world wants to tell you otherwise.

If you consistently tell yourself that you accomplish every goal that you set out to do as best as you can, guess what’s going to happen?

If you consistently tell yourself that you are going to connect with people who have a similar world mission as you, guess what’s going to manifest?

Basic life principles are simple, the hard part is doing it every single day, multiple times a day, maybe sometimes without any results but you just do it because that’s just the type of person you are.

In the beginning, it is about what you do.

What you put out into the world, whether you’re selling yourself, a product, or a service, you are doing new things and you’re learning around it.

And then eventually it becomes part of who you are, it’s your identity.

I used to journal infrequently and even though I started young at age 8 with a diary, I would try to start it on January 1st or near the beginning of the month because I wanted to have a fresh start

But then I realized that every single day, every single hour, every single minute and second you can start brand new.

And the funny thing is that whatever I wrote down came true.

And it’s become a habit for me to show up in the world and share my message.

Because I can’t NOT.

How could I not when it’s ingrained now in me to share the stories of being somebody who can be successful no matter where they begin from?

How could I NOT share the fact that I see so many clients who work with me succeed beyond their wildest dreams and are able to confdiently talk about themselves and get hired?

How could I NOT share with the world about what I learned and deprive other people of what I can help them make happen?

Last night I did a Youtube live on my story of how I came to the US, worked, and started a business, and there were people who learned a lot just simply about me being me.

Had I not gone out there and shared, they would have have been able to know about what was possible, at least from my perspective.

As much as I respect the culture I came from for teaching me how to work hard and have discipline and how to be practical, there is something to be said about self promotion and selling yourself–oh, I mean EVERYTHING.

When you set your mind to become a person who is wealthy, no matter what happens temporarily to your bank account you are always able to bounce back, because that’s just the freaking person you are!

I put out a lot of offers and some times things don’t work out, I’m not devastated like I would be in the past but I just realize that that is part of the game, and the winners get back up the fastest.

Same thing with you..what are the seeds that you’re planting in your head?

Are you planting a seed of “yes I can make it happen”?

Or are you planting seeds of doubt and uncertainty because that’s what you “see”?

I’ve always been a dreamer and recently I’m reminded again how important it is for us to hold the faith when nobody else may see it yet or if it hasn’t existed.

Before a car was a car, somebody was crazy enough to dream it up that it was possible to have a horseless carriage

Before an iPhone was an iPhone, somebody had to think of the concept and create it

ANYTHING that you see that is manmade went through that process

And you have to be selective about what it is that you put into your BRAIN most of all.

If you’re listening to people who are successful and you implement what it is that they do and you BECOME that type of person, then success will be automatic for you.

And you must be vigilant with people who say that it’s NOT possible.

You must be vigilant with people who have never even attempted to make their own dreams happen and you must make sure to protect your brain from people who are naysayers and people who talk a lot but don’t do shit.

I want you to know that the seed you plant in your head is something that needs to be watered daily.

Not only because you want to see the result, but because that’s what a good gardener does.

Be the best gardener you can be to your own brain and know that the best gardeners will produce the best gardens period.

same with wealth creation.

same with creating the body that you want.

same with creating the realtionship you want.

You must plant in your head what it is that you want and work to become the type of person that you want to be.

Because the seed that you plant 10 years ago will be the tree that you seek shelter under years later.

Make sure it’s an awesome tree that you take care of daily.



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Why Would You Want to Be Yourself?

If being yourself so far has produced a mediocre life.
If being yourself has given you lackluster results
If being yourself has not improved your life in any way.

How about if you just changed how you defined yourself?

One of the most important books I read in my life was Leil Lowndes’ book on overcoming shyness–and one of the biggest lessons she shared was that you need to not only STOP calling yourself shy but also stop your family members and friends from ever calling you that again.

Because we live up to what it is that we believe is our identity.

So if so far you’ve been saying that you’re not good at networking, you’re not good at sales, or not good at relationships or not good at working out, guess what result you will get?

And the hilarious thing is that since your output is what you put in, all you need to do is change how you define yourself.

What if you replaced the following, from…

I am shy, to I am in the process of learning how to be outgoing
I am bad with men, to I am in the process of learning how to become a high value woman who attracts masculine men
from I am broke, to I am in the process of learning how to be a debt free millionaire

There are literally so many examples that the world is endless for you, but you have to be the decision maker and put a stake in the ground when time comes to change.

Because if we don’t change, then we would still be wearing diapers asking our parents to feed us.

(which coincidentally some people are still metaphorically in this stage, blaming their circumstances around them instead of taking a good hard look at themselves to see how possible it is to change their conditions)

I think being yourself is overrated because we always take in bits and pieces of the world and make it our own, and we have the CHOICE of what we want ourselves to be.

Just because somebody told you you were something 10 years ago doesn’t mean that you have to live up to it now.

Your life is a real life RPG.

Make yourself the hero.



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