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Impatience is a Virtue

During a late lunch, I discussed with someone on how impatient Asians are in general compared to what I saw while I was traveling to other countries and even in the US.

And I was also talking about how type A people should just take vacations to Europe and Southeast Asia to slow our horses.

But I realize that everything I’ve ever done that I am very proud of, I literally did it either before I was ready or during the spur of the moment.

I was one of those kids growing up who always finished their assignments early and during tests I would just recheck it again just so I didn’t feel too weird turning in the tests early.

And while I can do much, much better at being more compassionate when it comes to other people, I always felt that impatience was a virtue that has helped me achieve everything that I wanted to make happen.

While watching a Taiwanese variety show that featured a “United nations” panels of guys from different countries, I realized that I just don’t even understand people who take things slow.

I don’t understand why people want to wait to make things happen.

I don’t even really understand procrastination anymore, probably because I mostly do things that I want and I just want instant results, and I’m happy about that because this means that I shorten the time frame.

Why wait?

Until you’re more sure of yourself?

Because one of the biggest fallacies that have been taught to us is that somehow “older = wiser”, which, hopefully happens, but some of the greatest growth periods I have experienced were in VERY short bursts of time.

Because actually the opposite is true.

The more you wait, the more difficult it is to start.

Hell I wished I started a business when I was 10 years old.

The more you wait, the more you end up delaying what it is that you truly want.

The more you wait, the less faith you have in yourself.

The more you wait, the more you doubt your own abilities.

So in a place where we somehow villify instant gratification, I think impatience is an awesome virtue to have with yourself.

Why not make your dreams happen now?
Why not go introduce yourself?
Why not go start that business?
Why not go up on that stage?


If you need a reminder, here it is, you have permission to do everything it is that you want.

Do it before it’s too late

Do it before you forget your dreams

Do it before, even worse, you don’t prioritize your dreams.

Do it before you forget the most important person you need to make happy in the world–yourself.



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Writing Future Letters to Yourself & 3 Months Ago

Today I received a Future.Me letter from myself 3 months ago right after my trip to Germany, and it is amazing how much things can change in a short amount of time when you decide to shorten your timeline for completing things.

Today I just booked a ticket to Madrid to see one of my heroes in July and now it’s gone from very frightened excitement booking international trips where I know nobody, to this being normal.

I do think that sometimes we do need to be pushed into see that the things we’re scared/excited about is not that difficult and that when we do it often enough, it becomes normal.

Just even a year ago I would have thought this trip would have been impossible, I had imposed all sorts of limit on myself, pay off my debt first, maybe learn the language first, etc..

But of course the trip made me realize how much more expansive my business could be. Literally I wanted to just get away from my business for about a week and then at the hostel I met a girl who wanted to apply to work for Uber in San Francisco and of course I went into coaching mode for her resume.

And I started to realize that I could have FUN doing what I wanted to do..because, well, I know that I want to work with somebody who is having fun in business too and I know that webinars can be funny, emails can be enjoyable to read and you can run your life the way that you want it to be!

Because all we’re after is really a feeling, and if we can generate that feeling first, and we work as hard towards our dreams as we do our errands, can you imagine how much more amazing we could be?

A few years ago I thought it was irresponsible to put my own needs first above what I needed to do (get a good job, help out the family, etc), but today I realize that it’s irresponsible to NOT make your own dreams happen.

Because when you become rich yourself only then can you start helping others.

And more than just the physical manfestation of the money, it’s becoming the type of person who sees a problem and goes to find all sorts of ways to solve it, whether for herself or someone else.

And the more that you can put yourself in the environment, whether it’s internal or external, the faster than you can change.

And we are here to evolve into the highest versions of ourselves.

And you must put yourself first before anything else can happen.

It’s selfish, and that’s how we’re supposed to be.

And had I not put my Europe trip first I would have probably still been wondering how I can motivate myself to the next income level.

And I’m so happy that almost every time I have a big trip coming up, Vegas, Germany, or Madrid, I ALWAYS somehow manifest the desire to make it happen, no matter how crazily just in time it can be (need to work on the stabile relationship with money part here, but I digress)

The main point here is to say YES to your desires and say YES. Because there will be a time where it’ll not be possible to make that happen.

YOLO, Carpe Diem, whatever it is, your life is right now.

Choose now.



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The Seed You Plant Grows

Every day, you choose the clothes that you want to wear.
Every day, you pick the food that you put in your mouth.
Every day, you also choose the seeds you plant into your brain.

You absolutely control the information that you receive into the world, even though the world wants to tell you otherwise.

If you consistently tell yourself that you accomplish every goal that you set out to do as best as you can, guess what’s going to happen?

If you consistently tell yourself that you are going to connect with people who have a similar world mission as you, guess what’s going to manifest?

Basic life principles are simple, the hard part is doing it every single day, multiple times a day, maybe sometimes without any results but you just do it because that’s just the type of person you are.

In the beginning, it is about what you do.

What you put out into the world, whether you’re selling yourself, a product, or a service, you are doing new things and you’re learning around it.

And then eventually it becomes part of who you are, it’s your identity.

I used to journal infrequently and even though I started young at age 8 with a diary, I would try to start it on January 1st or near the beginning of the month because I wanted to have a fresh start

But then I realized that every single day, every single hour, every single minute and second you can start brand new.

And the funny thing is that whatever I wrote down came true.

And it’s become a habit for me to show up in the world and share my message.

Because I can’t NOT.

How could I not when it’s ingrained now in me to share the stories of being somebody who can be successful no matter where they begin from?

How could I NOT share the fact that I see so many clients who work with me succeed beyond their wildest dreams and are able to confdiently talk about themselves and get hired?

How could I NOT share with the world about what I learned and deprive other people of what I can help them make happen?

Last night I did a Youtube live on my story of how I came to the US, worked, and started a business, and there were people who learned a lot just simply about me being me.

Had I not gone out there and shared, they would have have been able to know about what was possible, at least from my perspective.

As much as I respect the culture I came from for teaching me how to work hard and have discipline and how to be practical, there is something to be said about self promotion and selling yourself–oh, I mean EVERYTHING.

When you set your mind to become a person who is wealthy, no matter what happens temporarily to your bank account you are always able to bounce back, because that’s just the freaking person you are!

I put out a lot of offers and some times things don’t work out, I’m not devastated like I would be in the past but I just realize that that is part of the game, and the winners get back up the fastest.

Same thing with you..what are the seeds that you’re planting in your head?

Are you planting a seed of “yes I can make it happen”?

Or are you planting seeds of doubt and uncertainty because that’s what you “see”?

I’ve always been a dreamer and recently I’m reminded again how important it is for us to hold the faith when nobody else may see it yet or if it hasn’t existed.

Before a car was a car, somebody was crazy enough to dream it up that it was possible to have a horseless carriage

Before an iPhone was an iPhone, somebody had to think of the concept and create it

ANYTHING that you see that is manmade went through that process

And you have to be selective about what it is that you put into your BRAIN most of all.

If you’re listening to people who are successful and you implement what it is that they do and you BECOME that type of person, then success will be automatic for you.

And you must be vigilant with people who say that it’s NOT possible.

You must be vigilant with people who have never even attempted to make their own dreams happen and you must make sure to protect your brain from people who are naysayers and people who talk a lot but don’t do shit.

I want you to know that the seed you plant in your head is something that needs to be watered daily.

Not only because you want to see the result, but because that’s what a good gardener does.

Be the best gardener you can be to your own brain and know that the best gardeners will produce the best gardens period.

same with wealth creation.

same with creating the body that you want.

same with creating the realtionship you want.

You must plant in your head what it is that you want and work to become the type of person that you want to be.

Because the seed that you plant 10 years ago will be the tree that you seek shelter under years later.

Make sure it’s an awesome tree that you take care of daily.



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Why Would You Want to Be Yourself?

If being yourself so far has produced a mediocre life.
If being yourself has given you lackluster results
If being yourself has not improved your life in any way.

How about if you just changed how you defined yourself?

One of the most important books I read in my life was Leil Lowndes’ book on overcoming shyness–and one of the biggest lessons she shared was that you need to not only STOP calling yourself shy but also stop your family members and friends from ever calling you that again.

Because we live up to what it is that we believe is our identity.

So if so far you’ve been saying that you’re not good at networking, you’re not good at sales, or not good at relationships or not good at working out, guess what result you will get?

And the hilarious thing is that since your output is what you put in, all you need to do is change how you define yourself.

What if you replaced the following, from…

I am shy, to I am in the process of learning how to be outgoing
I am bad with men, to I am in the process of learning how to become a high value woman who attracts masculine men
from I am broke, to I am in the process of learning how to be a debt free millionaire

There are literally so many examples that the world is endless for you, but you have to be the decision maker and put a stake in the ground when time comes to change.

Because if we don’t change, then we would still be wearing diapers asking our parents to feed us.

(which coincidentally some people are still metaphorically in this stage, blaming their circumstances around them instead of taking a good hard look at themselves to see how possible it is to change their conditions)

I think being yourself is overrated because we always take in bits and pieces of the world and make it our own, and we have the CHOICE of what we want ourselves to be.

Just because somebody told you you were something 10 years ago doesn’t mean that you have to live up to it now.

Your life is a real life RPG.

Make yourself the hero.



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What Happened to Your Dreams?

What happened to the 5 year old who said she was going to be an artist, a teacher?

What happened to the 8 year old who dreamed about being famous?

What happened to the 12 year old who wanted to write a book?

What happened to the 18 year old who wanted to start a business?

Instead, it was replaced.

By the 6 year old who learned to play piano, not because she wanted to, but it was the only thing that seemed to make her mother approve.

By the 10 year old who moved to a different country and learned that she was the definition of uncool.

By the 15 year old who was too caught up in studying for pre-calculus to pen her own pages.

By the 22 year old who was hushed into realistic and get a job first.

I know this because I was this.

And only when I was sick of this did I actually make the change that I needed to make.

By 23 I vowed that I would give myself 1 year in business. And so I did, and survived.

By 24 I wrote a book on Amazon, fulfilling a 12 year long dream.

By 26, I had a certain amount of fame that got me invited to radio shows and TEDx talks.

Today I am teaching my art, the art of sharing your stories, to my clients.

Notice that it took me MUCH longer to NOT do the things that I wanted rather than just simply doing it.

Does this sound familiar to you?

While I hope that you are achieving your dreams, I see far too many people NOT following their dreams, year after year, until a horrible wakeup call like getting fired or having someone close to them suffer something horrible to make them realize it is time.

There is no time like now to know that you ALREADY are good enough.

In fact, the more time that goes by, the less you have motivation to do what you truly are called to do.

Isn’t it funny that when we are 5, we dream big, but don’t have the capacity to do things, and when we’re 25, when we fully have the capacity to do things, we don’t dream big anymore?


There is no more time to leave behind what you were meant to do.

Is it going to be scary?

Most likely, but is wasting your life on something you don’t enjoy, doing it with people you don’t fully feel connected with, your idea of living?

Is this what you came for?

The good thing is that if you can get yourself into something, you can get yourself out of something.

I just want you to know that you are fully capable of what want to do, if you’d only take the first step.

Want to be a photographer?

Start taking just 1 photo each day on your way to work.

Want to be an author?

Just write 1 page per day.

But be RELENTLESS in completing this, because I can tell you with accuracy that what you do DAILY matters MUCH more than what you do weekly, and of course monthly and yearly, no matter how much you cram into that amount of time.

So what are you waiting for?

Somebody else’s approval?

Or rather permission for yourself to finally pursue the dream that’s driven your passion fueled childhood to where you are now?



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How 3 of My Clients Got H-1B Jobs

2016 was a great year for my clients, and I’m here to share with you 3 of them and their stories of how they were able to get H-1B sponsoring jobs:

Cindy Ramirez: Getting a UX Designer Job in 10 Weeks:

Cindy was able to go from being let go over a weekend to getting a UX designer job within 10 weeks, moving from SF to Dallas to start her new career.

I remember the first time I talked to Cindy over a Friday back in 2015, and I heard a lot of passion and drive in what she wanted to do but was not able to do at HP.

There were also issues and concerns with the visa, as a Mexican national she could also use the T-N as well as the H-1B, but the problem was first getting an offer.

And her intuition was right when the company handed her manager the notice, and thus she was on the job hunt again.

Working with Cindy actually taught me a lot as well, I remember identifying people who worked at Google who could give her pointers on her portfolio, and keeping the faith when things were tough.

Because she was so resilient and kept talking to people who were in the position she was in, in about 10 weeks she got an offer at Sabre in Dallas as a UX designer.

Now with her experience working there she is ready to take the next leap in 2017 to further her career as a UX designer!

I am super happy to be sharing with you her story because I know that if she can do it, there is a possibility for you too!

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Gaurav: Getting an H-1B Visa as a Software Engineer in Santa Monica

Gaurav and I started to work together almost 2 years ago when he realized that he needed to find a company that would be willing to sponsor his H-1B.

He was the ONLY developer where he was working and the town he worked at was very much in the middle of nowhere and had snow in the winter

He signed on to work with me and we started looking at how he could best market himself on getting interviews and passing them.

During the first session we had, he went from thinking he had 2.5 years of experience to realizing he had 7.5 years of experience total as a software developer.

There were many other things we went over and I remember being so happy that Microsoft was able to fly him to Seattle and conduct interviews.

He also made some huge moves, going from Texas to the middle of America to San Jose and finally was able to accept a software engineering job in beautiful Santa Monica!

His company was willing to sponsor his H-1B, AND agreed to a higher salary for negotiation!

If you are someone who has always known that they were great at their technical skills but did not know how to promote themselves, it could be the difference between you being stuck in a job that can’t help you to being able to fulfill your American Dream.

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Lu: How to Go from a Graduate Research Assistant to a Senior Microbiologist

This October, Lu, one of my best clients, was able to go from a graduate research assistant at her university to accepting a senior microbiologist position at a company that will be sponsoring her H-1B!

I remember that one of Lu’s concerns in the beginning was that she did not know how to best position her school experience to real work experience.

She had experience working as a graduate research assistant, and was not sure how she was going to be leveraging that experience as professional experience.

From the research that she did and what she wanted to accomplish, I knew that all she needed to do was just to learn how to properly market herself to companies that had the financial ability to sponsor her H-1B as well as a company that could help challenge her in her skills and continue growing.

I knew she was a great leader in her field, being able to not only adjust to the US a few months into it but being able to help her roommates with coordinating schedules and daily life in the US.

Not to mention she is a naturally brilliant–deciding to take Italian on a whim and being one of the top students in the class without any prior experience.

So I knew that all she needed was the strategy to learn how she could land her dream job and how she could best market and promote herself on interviews.

Within a few months of working together, refining the positions she could work at, the companies that could sponsor her, and how to interview, she was able to get a job this October!

I know that this is just the beginning of Lu’s career and I know she is destined for great things!

I understand that many of my readers have expressed thoughts about how getting a job is just luck.

Sometimes it is, but it is never an accident.

Because Lu was connecting with people who had jobs similar to her, she was naturally the first person that came to mind when someone from the industry had an open position.

Because we had practiced interviewing already, when she needed to perform, she was ready.

And not to mention she was able to professionally navigate the conversation about sponsorship and salary.

If someone else can do it, it means that it is possible for you as well.

Especially if you’ve only had experience in being a researcher at school or only had experience in your home country, this is definitely possible for you, if you know a model that works.

This is why I’ve developed from my 2 years of working with 1 on 1 clients my Employed Immigrant Bootcamp system,so that you don’t have to spend years and years of facing automated rejection emails and maybe another $30,000 for another year in school because you couldn’t figure out how to find a job.

Right now the Employed Immigrant Bootcamp is only $497 and it is limited to 10-20 people so it is a very small and intimate group, and I don’t know when I will be offering it at this level again.

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Lucy Lee, Immigration Lawyer of San Francisco’s #1 Most Established Immigration Firm


Have you ever wished an immigration lawyer could wave a magic wand and make all your visa headaches go away?

Any time my clients have any immigration issues, I always refer them to Lucy Lee of Fallon, Bixby, Cheng, & Lee, which is THE #1 most established and oldest immigration law firm in San Franciso, established since 1925.

I am so happy to introduce Lucy, an immigration lawyer with 26 years of experience on this interview to share with you her take on immigration issues today.

Lucy’s parents first came from China to the US to escape the Communist regime, and thereafter Lucy worked at her family restaurant. In her family business, from a very early age she learned how to deal with the public, and those skills have served her well working with her clients today, helping them solve visa issues all the way from startup investors to ballet dancers.

  1. The Fastest Way to Get Your Visa Approved Might Be the Most Unexpected


I love the fact that the first thing Lucy does is to find the fastest way to help her client get the visa.

One of the first questions she asks is “Which country are you born in?”

Because it makes a difference–whether you come from countries that have huge amounts of talented and smart people, for example China, India, or the Philippines, or whether the country has a treaty with the US such as Singapore or Chile, these differences can make a difference in the speed of getting your visa.

The most surprising stories I learned from Lucy was that the fastest way to get the visa sometimes is the least expected.

One of her clients, initially petitioning for an EB-5, was able to get a faster visa through an H-1B. There were some  initial delays through the EB-5 project, but upon looking at her clients’ master degree qualification, it became easier for the company to hire her as an H-1B client instead!

Talk about a reverse of expectations! For myself I’ve been able to hear more about

If you ever wonder why an experienced immigration attorney is important, it’s through these details that can determine whether or not a case can get approved the fastest.

2. Creatively Solving Immigration Issues from Different Cultures

Some of her most interesting cases included a man with 2 wives, first cousin marriages with chinchillas coming up during the immigration interview, and an Italian-Japanese woman who was interviewed by a black immigration officer.

During the case with the man from Hong Kong with 2 wives, she had to explain to the immigration officer that at the time it was allowed, and through a divorce, the man was able to immigrate with his children to the US successfully.

The next case was of a first cousin marriage where during the immigration officer interview, both the husband and the wife started talking about their pet chinchillas and that one of them had to be kept away from the others because of “mental issues”. As impartial as the immigration officer could be, he burst into laughter, and the case was approved since only the most married of couples would know that detail.

Lastly, there was a case where an Italian woman, who was married to a Japanese man, was interviewed by a black officer. It turned out that the black officer ALSO knew Japanese, and they ended up conducting the interview in Japanese.

It’s these interesting stories that remind us that each immigrant has their own story and that working in this environment is very creative and fulfilling.

3. Why Immigration Issues are Most Sensitive During Political & Economic Upheaval

Lastly, due to the current political and economic climate at the time of writing this, unfortunately, as Lucy said, whenever something goes sour, the immigrants are the first to blame.

When times are good, immigration is more welcomed.

But because immigration is such a sensitive issue that is tied to both politics and economics, it is a hot topic issue and is important to our nation.

If you are interested in working with Lucy, you can visit Fallon, Bixby, Cheng & Lee , or call Lucy at (415) 781-2338 to get started on your American dream.