Are you Ashamed of Asking for Money?

As a business owner, one of the biggest shocks I had to go through was this new thing–asking for people for money.

Of course I was providing value as well, but this was something that was absolutely alien to me–I had no idea how to do it, I connected it to a lot of unsavory things and as a result lost a lot of money on the table.

But what is something that you connect with money?

  • Do you connect it with fights?
  • Do you connect it with rich people? (If you don’t have a good opinion about rich people this may be something you want to think about)
  • Do you connect it with something uncomfortable?

When I used to be an employee, I felt so much discomfort around my first salary negotiation.

But I realized that if I did not do this, it was really going to chew me up inside and I would always wonder “was I worth it?”

Remember that you will always be worth it.

No matter what you’ve been through before, you are worth it.

As a business owner you HAVE to be comfortable with money.

And in the end it’s just an exchange of energy.

It’s showing that people really do need your services.

And to be frank your bank account is really a reflection of how much impact you are having on the world.

Not to say money is everything, but I find that every time money and passions are brought up, it seems like in order to make a lot of money it’s almost a default that you are doing something you don’t like–that means you are doing things wrong, my friend.

You have to know that it is possible to have money and do things you love at the same time.

There doesn’t have to be a disconnect there.

So if you are a new business owner, here are some tips around asking for the money:

  • Know what value you deliver up front and make sure they understand your value before you say anything about the money
  • Practice saying your rates so that you sound confident
  • Talk to a ton of people and practice saying it so that you won’t have to fumble when crunch times come
  • Consider putting rates on your website upfront so you do not attract freebie hunters.

What are your experiences in asking for the money? Comment below with your experience!