Did You Move to America to Lead a Mediocre Life?

I didn’t think so either!

The mission of The Successful Immigrant is to provide all ambitious, smart, and success minded immigrants with the tools you need to make your fortune in America.

Hi, I’m Li!

I am the founder of The Successful Immigrant and the #1 coach for successful immigrants in the USA.

I’ve helped 200+ (and counting!) immigrant professionals and international students make more money in America.

My clients have been able to land $100,000+ a year jobs at companies like eBay, Yelp, Chase, and other companies across the USA.

I’m also the creator of Immigrant CEO School.

My Story

I was made in 1990 in Shanghai, China. (Yes, I’m one of those damn millennials)

In 2000, I moved to Palm Springs, California, USA.

I didn’t know any English.

I didn’t know how to be cool.

I didn’t know anyone besides my family.

All I knew was that I was going to be successful, no matter what.

Over the past 17 years as an immigrant and past 13 years as a US Citizen, I’ve helped hundreds of my clients make more money in the USA and now you’re about to skip the years of mistakes that I made and leapfrog to your fortune!

Fun Facts

I live 2 minutes away from the ocean.

I am an infrequent salsa dancer.

I am a terrible golfer.

In college I taught a hip hop history class on Nas’ Illmatic.

I am a certified Teaching English as a Second Language trainer.

I have solo backpacked across Southeast Asia and took a trip to Europe with less than $1k in my bank account.

I believe

that you can come from anywhere and not only have a dream life but live it as your reality

that your ethnicity and your accent are assets

that wealth inequality can be solved by teaching individuals how to make money

..and that one day I will learn how to parallel park

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