A Tale of Two Entrepreneurs

Once upon a time, there were 2 entrepreneurs.

Both said “I’m gonna start a business!”
Together they both bought very many Small Business for Dummies and Start Your Own Import/Exportbooks.
They both watched Shark Tank religiously
They both invested on business education and scoured Warrior Forum and Facebook groups in their chosen field.
At first they were excited to be brainstorming and dreaming and creating their new lives together
but eventually something changed.
Walls were hit.
The first no’s and rejections started pouring in
Entrepreneur Annie felt the pressure
“This is not like when I was at work” she thought
Entrepreneur Bea also thought somewhere along the same lines..
“This is more difficult than I thought”
And even though they had faced the same issues, eventually someone cracked
I don’t know if I should get a backup plan, I’ve been so busy and I feel like I’m not even living a life
and so when shit hits the fan, you see 2 different reactions.
You know, yes it sucks right now, but I’m just going to keep going through hell until it works.
5 years later Entrepreneur Annie is running a business that she loves, had no life for the beginning parts of her business but for the most part loves her business.
5 years later Entrepreneur Bea..is no longer an entrepreneur. She went back to working for someone else after she felt the discouragement and felt no longer willing to make it happen.
Moral of the story?
It’s never your circumstances, it’s never even your thoughts (which are BS much of the time and you need to remind yourself of where you came from), it’s not even your actions sometimes..it’s being
I wanted to remind you today that about 9 years ago I very much thought like Bea, I didn’t know how I was going to make things happen and I gave up easily
4 years later I experienced some massive setbacks in my personal and professional life that really woke me up to what I really wanted to achieve in my life and my business, and I was no longer available for mediocrity and no longer available for another 9 years of not making it happen.
It’s never set in stone, and you can always switch to the next side.
To nudge you in the Entrepreneurial A direction, I am hosting a webinar teaching how you can go from Immigrant to CEO (yes you can attend even if you are not an immigrant, but I want to show you how you can start from scratch and make it happen)
Li used to be a B..sometimes still is..Lin