8 Habits I Will Take into 2018

Hey Successful Immigrants!

Today I did a solid hour of a 2017 closing ceremony
analyzing what worked and what didn’t for me this past year
Because we all know when Christmas rolls around we will more likely turn into fatass sloths than analyze our YEAR (unless you’re a crazy nerd like me)
BUT let’s talk about 7 things I will let go from 2017 first:
1. letting go of compromising my own values because of a scarcity mentality
because there’s always more, there’s always better things coming, and the world is a huge place and all sorts of possibilities within your imagination are endless!
2. letting go of playing small
Although I did some awesome things this year, including getting featured in Inc Magazine and doing TEDx talks and flying to Europe 2x, I STILL think I could have done much much more had I thought bigger
3. letting go of waiting
I enrolled in an amazing relationship coaching program back in September and the hilarious thing is that the thing I learned the most I could apply in business.
My coach talked about how we are often in WAITING energy..
waiting at the altar alone with your wedding dress while the groom isn’t even there
waiting for someone to pay us to make us happy
waiting for something instead of CREATING IT.
huge huge huge
4. letting go of fear
The worst fears that I had were all imagined in my head.
5. letting go of “Who I was”
One of the phrases that I actually really don’t resonate with anymore is “keeping it real”
What if your real sucks?
What if being who you were just isn’t working anymore?
I think we all have to let go of what doesn’t work
6. letting go of doubt
Any time I second guessed myself, other people second guessed me as well
That’s something that I teach my clients all the time, you have to project confidence in order to have others believe in you.
7. Letting go of you 1.0
This is getting kind of repetitive but in order for you to hit the next level, where you are right now has to die.
You wouldn’t eat baby food because you’re reading this (unless you got wisdom tooth taken out like me)
You wouldn’t be crawling on the ground (because you know how to walk)
Same thing, why would you take in habits that don’t work for you in 2017 into 2018?
The hardest thing to let go of is comfort, until you realize comfort is the enemy of becoming the next, more evolved version of you.
Long email but I felt it was absolutely necessary to tell my peeps.

What I Will Keep Going into 2018:

1. An abundance mentality
2. networking with more amazing people via my Immigrant CEO Show
3. Impacting more clients internationally
4. Traveling into new places such as Japan, Korea, and Taiwan
5. Developing signature talks that move audiences to action
6. Taking strategic action and leadership in all areas of my life
7. Keep reading world stories about the human condition & to record them & share in a new way to my audiences
8. Know that having fun and work is all in the same

What about you?

I’m curious to hear what you’re going to implement in 2018!
Hit reply, I read every message 🙂
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