6 Things I Learned in Spain

Hello Successful immigrant!

If you’ve been wondering why I’ve been on the quiet end lately on the newsletter, it’s because I’ve been in Spain for a 2 day workshop teaching me how to become a master persuader..
My 1:1 clients have already been getting some amazing wisdom nuggets that I’ve learned from this workshop and I can truly say this event has changed my life.
I’m going to be working on more amazing and cool things for you on my end, but just to update on on what’s been going on, here are some 6 things that I learned during this trip:
1.Shock your system: 
Things have gotten a bit more stable in my business,  and there is nothing like an overseas workshop that will wake up your senses as to new possibilities that will be possible for your life and your career.
There are so many things I learned from #PersuadeLive as well as just the people that I met, I can say I have 10x as much motivation as I had coming back and we all need that candy from time to time to work better.
2. Have the red wine and the water:
I sat next to a Spaniard on my flight to Spain and as amazing as her stories were, I saw her order both the red wine and the water and I realized she gave me permission to have both too. I am on my flight back to SNA, with big red wine and water in hand And I feel abundant af!!!
3. Your tale is just as important as your face: 
Humans evolved not only for hotness but for smartness, and the amazing thing I got to witness was how we can all change our perceptions and craft our own stories to hook people who could be our clients and extend that into our personal lives.
4. Learn Spanish
Enough said. The Mediterranean sun made me a toasted Chinese and what is the fun of being ethnically ambiguous if you just say “no entiendo” all the time?
5. Stop being a robot: 
I am so in the entrepreneurial bubble that I had to snap out of it with 21 year old hostel stayers. Thank you for pointing this out and I will incorporate some European joie de vivre into my SoCal life from now on.
we only have a set amount of time on this beautiful planet and if we can we should travel as much as we can to see the world, and I think it’s one of the best motivations you can have in our life and the people you meet and the sights you will see will absolutely change your life.
I’ve already adjusted time wise and I feel so lucky to be able to resume my work today and to be able to share with you how another immigrant can live her life.
So since I’ve been inspired by this trip, I’ll be doing a bit of a facelift for my business, you’ll be seeing some new changes in the coming months and if you’re looking to work with me before I increase my prices in the next few months, head on over to www.FreeCallwithLi.com if you’re looking to make your next 6 figure income within the next few weeks
I hope you’re also taking a bit more of a break this summer, if not for a month but just for a few weeks or even just a few hours to rejuvenate and head into the next level.
Adjusting back to US time,