3 Things I Learned from the Dot Com Lifestyle Lunch with John Chow

One of the best things about moving to Irvine is that I’m surrounded by people who I can learn from.

The consistent 80 degree weather isn’t bad, but one of the best meetups I’ve had the chance to attend was the Dot Com Lifestyle  lunch meetups that happen every Saturday.

It’s hosted by John Chow, the dot com mogul who went from nothing to teaching people how to make 6 figures a month blogging.

The group discussed topics ranging from how to get featured on the big blogs to how to make money with affiliates to how his high school buddy started the company that dominated restaurant payments.

Here’s 3 of the things I learned from John during the lunch at Pho Ba Co in Irvine:

1. Go After the Big Dogs, It Takes The Same Effort As Going After the Little Ones

I was pretty happy initially when I was featured on Huffington Post, but right after I was featured I realized that yes it is something that was much more doable than I originally had thought.

I asked him how he was featured in other blogs, and he said that in addition to writing rags to riches stories that everyone loves, it takes the SAME effort to go after the big blogs as it does to the little ones.

Once you get published in the big blogs, you will automatically be published in the big ones because then the little blogs will feature you.

So if you want publicity, it’s best to just go right to the big dogs, there’s no sense is chasing after the little ones and go up because EVERYONE thinks it’s so hard to get featured, but as I learned this week, it really isn’t difficult at all.

2. Have Fun at Vegas with Conferences

I went to Las Vegas for the first time last year but it was definitely not at conferences, it was at day clubs.

But he said that he was going to affiliate summit in Las Vegas in January and that it was one of the best places to meet people, the tickets weren’t super expensive either at $99.

I was pretty surprised because previously I thought that conferences and events were super expensive.

Now I realized that if you were able to network with the right people it’s more than worth it.

I’m probably still going to have fun in Vegas but now I’m going to see how I can plan out more conferences and traveling around learning and expanding my network.

3. Most of the Profit Happens in the Upsell

I told John about my program and had some questions on how I could improve it, and basically he said that I was working and putting too much work, and that he would really try to upsell and have some higher end programs.

This made me realize that wow to be told I was working too hard again and again by my mentors was something I had to take into account.

I am not (yet) at a place where I can outsource, but I now realize how much more promotion I need to do and how much more I need to be known in order to reach my income goals.

But overall I think just being in the presence of people who have done it just changes your energy.

When you read them in books or watch them on videos, there’s a certain sense of distance.

But when you actually meet them in person you realize that they are just like you.

No different.

Just that they started earlier and they went through issues that you are probably now currently grappling with.

What’s a lunch or a meet up  that you could be attending this week that could seriously help you get further ahead in your business and life?