Helping Immigrant Professionals Make Money in the USA

You came to America to make your fortune!

But even after the multiple degrees, years of sacrifice, time and education invested, you're just not making the money that you want.

That H-1B or OPT job isn't going to just land in your lap!


I can’t get a job because___________:




Guess what? My clients have gotten 6 figure jobs DESPITE ALL OF THE ABOVE.

Question: Have you ever seen someone dumber than you, who does worse work than you, STILL get a job that you wanted??

Do you think it’s “just” luck, “just” that they were American?

Or because they know HOW to job search, and you don’t?

Hi, my name is Li, and I’m here to help you transform your American Dream into your reality 

I’ve been featured in some pretty cool places:



  • Hanrui ‘Hannah’ Yang

    Li helped me to transit well from college to post-graduation life, from Ohio where I went to college to San Francisco Bay area where I want to pursue my career. She motivated and prepared me well for post-graduation life in terms of social networking, job searching and becoming a resourceful young professional.

    I found it interesting when she first approached me throughout an email and decided to gain more insights on social networking and job search. Li played as a mentor to guide me through step by step, from how to write a well-done resume to how to challenge myself for better. I greatly appreciate what Li did and I will definitely keep in touch with her as a brilliant business woman and a active motivator!

    Hanrui ‘Hannah’ Yang
    Financial Analyst at One Republic Bank

  • Cindy Ramirez

    When I decided to start coaching with Li I did it because I wasn’t happy with the direction that my career was taking. I felt that at my last job I wasn’t fully embracing my potential and there were so many problems surrounding my company that made me feel stressed and unwelcome in the team. After my first call with Li she made me feel empowered and without her advice I wouldn’t have moved the necessary pieces to take on my next professional challenge. She helped me set realistic goal and expectations about career results.

    I always felt I was good at networking, but thanks to Li now I can say that I have mastered that skill, her advice has made me be bolder and stronger in my communication and decision making. With her suggestions and tasks, I was able to visualize what I wanted to do with my career, the job I wanted, and how I could make it happen. I can certainly recommend her not only because she is an incredible motivator and coach, but because she is looking out for you making sure you feel comfortable every step of the way.

    Cindy Ramirez
    UX Designer at Sabre

  • Stany Yeh

    I got the job offer in three weeks.Li has been very helpful on my interview. Before I started a one-hour training with her, I had no idea how to start the prepping. Li provided a clear guideline which is easy to follow, structure and remember. I applied all the techniques that she taught me in the first and second round of the phone interview and got positive feedback from the interviewers, such as, I conducted the interview pace, I asked great questions, I made introduction short and clear. It’s worth of my money and time working with Li. Highly recommended!
    Stany Yeh
    Program Manager

Interested in seeing if working with me 1 on 1 can help you land your dream job?

I’ve helped my clients in the following situations:

  • Helped PhDs who didn’t want a job in academia get a job offer as a GIS developer for the government
  • Coached my client to transition from social media to becoming a UX designer with ZERO experience just in 10 weeks
  • Helped one of my clients go from 1 year of unemployment to getting a job at CVS within 2 weeks
  • Helped one of my clients ace job interviews in just ONE HOUR and helping her land a job offer within 3 weeks
  • Text coached my client to getting a $115,000 a year job from my Vegas hotel room
  • Helped my clients in the software development, finance, food sciences, design, and business get their OPT, H-1B, and T-N jobs of their choice, and more!