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    Selling Stories

    They say “the one with the best story wins.” The history nerd in me agrees wholeheartedly, throughout time we have seen those with the strongest beliefs and the most beneficial stories win territory, minds, and hearts And it got me into thinking what is it exactly that I want to keep doing And it is helping people learn how to sell their stories I truly enjoy helping my clients arrange their interview stories so the best high-lights of their career comes to life I really see a shift in their confidence when I see them going from someone who thought “who would hire me?” to “Wow I forgot how amazing…

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    Tradition is Not Here to Trap You, It’s Here to Transform You

    Tradition is not here to TRAP You, It’s to Transform You When you truly understand how to use EVERYTHING, including your heritage, to your advantage, that is when things changed for me. Instead of thinking of growing up with a father has something bad, I started seeing it as freeing and liberating to find my own mentors who have way exceeded anything my family has ever done. Instead of seeing being an introvert as something to be ashamed about, I used it to focus on things that I was great at like writing while simultaneously improving my phone sales skills, which is responsible for my business today. Instead of seeing…

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    A Tale of Two Entrepreneurs

    Once upon a time, there were 2 entrepreneurs. Both said “I’m gonna start a business!” Together they both bought very many Small Business for Dummies and Start Your Own Import/Exportbooks. They both watched Shark Tank religiously They both invested on business education and scoured Warrior Forum and Facebook groups in their chosen field. At first they were excited to be brainstorming and dreaming and creating their new lives together but eventually something changed. Walls were hit. The first no’s and rejections started pouring in Entrepreneur Annie felt the pressure “This is not like when I was at work” she thought Entrepreneur Bea also thought somewhere along the same lines.. “This is more difficult than I thought”…

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    The First Time My Family Respected Me

    If you are from an immigrant family, I think you can relate to this Your family has high expectations of what you can accomplish and if that meant constantly pushing you to be better, they did it. Ok, so it wasn’t the FIRST time that my family respected me, but the shift was so big that it might as well have been If you have guessed it, yes, it was the first time I got a real job as a business analyst in San Francisco. Even going to college didn’t really change their perceptions of me as a little girl in their eyes, but when I first started supporting myself…

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    Teach What You Learned from Your Home Country to the World

    Back in 2014, I taught an Iranian pharmacy owner how to pass his TOEFL test so he can get a license to work in California. What really killed me was when I saw a PhD educated man take on lower position jobs just because he decided to continue his new life in a different country When he absolutely could have learned how to teach foreigners how to do business in Iran when he absolutely could have taught people how to run a pharmacy in Tehran when he absolutely could teach other Farsi speaking peoples how to move to America when he could have skipped the entire ladder and started his…

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    Why I Started a Business in 2013

    Today I wanted to share a bit more about why I decided to start a business on that fateful December of 2013.. That day I was just fired from my first day on my 2nd sushi waitressing job I had about $40 in my wallet and another waitress even said “Wow you’re rich” as I was walking out the door as they decided I wasn’t the right fit. That parking lot moment was when I decided to start my business. I vowed that I would give my dreams of starting a business my best shot, since now I had absolutely nothing to lose. Reason #1: I was a terrible employee…

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    8 Habits I Will Take into 2018

    Hey Successful Immigrants! Today I did a solid hour of a 2017 closing ceremony analyzing what worked and what didn’t for me this past year Because we all know when Christmas rolls around we will more likely turn into fatass sloths than analyze our YEAR (unless you’re a crazy nerd like me) BUT let’s talk about 7 things I will let go from 2017 first: 1. letting go of compromising my own values because of a scarcity mentality   because there’s always more, there’s always better things coming, and the world is a huge place and all sorts of possibilities within your imagination are endless! 2. letting go of playing…

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    Happy Thanksgiving from The Successful Immigrant

    HAPPY MOST AMERICAN & IMMIGRANT HOLIDAY! Sooo I don’t know about you but I’m eating a giant tub of ice cream as I type this… because I just got my wisdom tooth pulled out (all 4!) I started thinking about my first black Friday experience with an American family friend.. I had to wake up at around 4 AM to wait for the mall to open at 5 AM And let me say that it wasn’t a pleasant experience. Subsequent Black Fridays have been similar until I stopped going entirely. Why? While you can get a lot of products for cheap, they also manufacture sub-par products just for Black Friday.…

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    What Can Happen in 5 Years?

    2012 I was a fresh grad out of Berkeley. I didn’t know anything except that I freaking hated school and just wanted to backpack Thailand for a month before I signed my life away to a company. I was rejected 90 times from different CEOs in different fashions, but at last got a big girl job as a business analyst in SF. I had checked off all the boxes in my life but I couldn’t shake what the Japanese chef I met in Thailand said to me “6 months in heaven (traveling) , 6 months in hell (working)”. I was reading myself for a life time of work hell if…

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    The Immigrant CEO Show is Here!

    Check out my newest podcast, Immigrant CEO here! Even before I started The Successful Immigrant LLC, I had a vision of sharing the stories of successful immigrants all across the world. I had enough of waiting and I knew it was time for me to begin, so I started the Immigrant CEO show along with the Immigrant CEO podcast. For those of you wondering, yes I will always be doing some form of career coaching because that is the pain of so many immigrants who first arrive. However, I believe in order to keep going, almost every immigrant I have talked to has expressed some desire for starting a business.…

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